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  1. oh no..i missed it..thanks chaity..
  2. Anyone know the training schedule of a380 mas as i want to go to klia just to spot the new mas flight..i heard the flight was very big..if somebody know the time a380 take action, please share with me..thanks!
  3. hi..my name is nazmi from kuala lumpur..i'm new member here and hope the senior member can teach me a few lesson bout to be 'spotter'..is there anyone spotting tomorrow, saturday 23 october 2010?at 'ladang' mayb?because i'm alone(include my wife and 2 child)..need somebody to go with me..but i'm not the expert spotter as all of you..just have experience in pengkalan chepa and kuala terengganu airpot..i've got the "gila" once from the people who saw me watching the airplane..very sad because they can't feel the miracle of airplane..
  4. hi..i'm nazmi,just registered on 22 oct 2010..very interested with airplane..especially a380..anyone know when the next a380 departure at klia?..mayb in this year(2010)...please..
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