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  1. Condolence to the family of the fisherman who perished while rescuing the RMAF crew
  2. Batik Air Malaysia sounds nicer too, compared to Malindo. Amd I agree, Batik Air livery needs changes.
  3. My 2016 Aviation Resolution : To fly into or out of Ipoh Airport (IPH), as I'm now partly based in Seri Iskandar, Perak. Maybe I'll try IPH-SIN-IPH. I have gone through all commercial airport in Peninsular Malaysia except Ipoh and Kuantan. As for 2015, I flew first time into and out of Kerteh Airport, on both Firefly and Malindo's ATR72s.
  4. Could AirAsia X or MAB arrange charter flights from secondary hubs such as Kota Bharu, Johor Bahru, Penang and even Alor Star to Jeddah or Madinah? Agree. Umrah/hajj pax hardly choose their travel agency based on what airline they will fly. Usually their selection is based on price, hotel location from the holy mosques, religious advisory services (Ustaz/Mutawwif group) and recommendations from friends/family/colleagues. As for hajj, you dont get to select which airlines. Tabung Haji will allocate for you.
  5. Why not focus connecting Indonesian cities in Sumatera such as Medan, Acheh, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Batam, Padang etc to Jeddah through KLIA2? They are nearer to KUL compared to CGK. And AirAsia does fly to these destination from KUL
  6. CAPA have been reporting a lot on Malaysia lately. The latest is about Malindo Airhttp://centreforaviation.com/analysis/malaysias-malindo-air-part-1-network-model-emerges-focus-on-international-market-expansion--klia-259829
  7. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Engineering campus took a long time to be built in the 1990s because Penang, Kedah and Perak insisted the campus to built in their respective state... and at that time, all 3 states were under BN. Finally they settled for Transkrian which includes parts of Penang, Kedah and Perak. And all this for a branch university campus. I can't imagine how much politicking there will be if a new airport is to be built in Kulim where all 3 states might again demand it to be built in their state.
  8. How to know which Umrah travel agent is flying their customer to MED and JED using MH A380?
  9. Not so much. Pious, relugious or not, at the end of the day, quality, reliability, price, comfort and safety will be reasons people choose an airline. BTW, the route that Rayani intends to fly are already flew by other airline that doesnt serve alcohol onboard.
  10. I'm waiting for the time when Perlis also will request their own fully functional airport... Subang to Kangar on ATR72 anyone?
  11. I will be at LIMA15 on Friday... day trip, fly in early morning, fly out at night... who will be at LGK on Friday 20th March?
  12. Waah... Butterworth is the place to be... to be exact, Telok Air Tawar
  13. Even if there is no official regulation regarding prohibition of drones near airports, a simple common sense will say it is very dangerous. I hope even the RMAF will act on those involved
  14. It baffle me about the flight approval issue. However red tapes could be blamed. Many recent Indonesian Air Force intercepts of foreign aircraft in their airspace is related to red tapes late reply by the Indonesian Civil Aviation authorities.
  15. A few days ago Rayani Air CEO and his team were featured in TV1 going to Kelantan to help flood relief... he even interviewed by the reporter. I don't know does all this CSR will really help the company to take off.
  16. More coverage on the RMAF 'show' in Tawau here
  17. The RMAF Hawk 200 will still be based in Labuan AFB. TWU will only permanently base a helicopter for special forces quick reaction, possibly a Nuri.
  18. Smokey Bandits unlikely to perform any more. RMAF is trying to reserve as many flight hour as possible, only for military ops or major air exercise like the recent Cope Taufan 2014 with USAF.
  19. If Malaysia buy an additional 18 Su-30MKM plus AEW&C platform, EXPECT Singapore to increase their F15SG fleet to 60 plus 30 F-35
  20. Maybe to counter Indonesian rapid military expansion
  21. RMAF have installed several CCTV at their perimeter and the camera swivel to by remote control. I'm not trying to be racist, but a foreigner taking photos of RMAF air base could ring some bells inside the base and provoke them to 'scramble' Provost jeep. So please be careful.
  22. Thanks Iwan... and wow... the Sukhoi One of then showing targeting pods... i believe they are Damocles
  23. http://malaysiaflyingherald.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/rmaf-prepares-for-the-a-400m-atlas-delivery-next-year/
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