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  1. Narrowbody all the way to MEL, coupled with constant delays & baggage issues (at least for some). Would rather go for the other two options available out of KUL.
  2. Hello Mwingers I was invited for the first preliminary interview with SQ few months back in KL and has been notified that I am through for the second round. Assuming that it will be an aptitude / psychomotor related test, I wonder if anyone here have any advise for me on what & how to prepare for the next stage, or anything I should put extra focus on to pass this stage. Cheers ! S.A Zharif
  3. Didn't even realise that they have stopped flying here
  4. Yeap. Medical diversion. KLIA should be like a warzone. Lots of passengers with outbound flight to MEL, SYD, PER and AKL missed their morning flight connection due to this diversion.
  5. Is there any possibility that they might change the ground crew's uniform along with the start of the NewCo ? I don't know about you guys but light green suits with dark green pants are just.......
  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=754337414576568&set=a.546416638701981.130912.161086313901684&type=1&theater I've been reading all the FB comments regarding this post. It may sound pretty cruel, but I can't deny having read a lot of stupid comments and response. Some of them can't understand and accept the existence of aircraft spotters, aviation enthusiast etc etc. Instead they believe we're CIA/KGB/Spy. So sad to see the level of intelligence being portrayed there.
  7. Hello everyone. Is there any specific direction for this 32L spotting spot? I wonder if the "bulis" will chase spotters off this place as well? Or is it now a spotter friendly spot? Thanks !
  8. My list Malaysia Airlines PEN-KUL - B737-400 KUL-PEN - A330-300 KUL-BKI - B777-200 (9M-MRF) JED-KUL - B747-400 (9M-MPM) KUL-HKG-KUL - A380-800 (9M-MNC / 9M-MNF) Air Asia BKI-KUL - A320-200 (9M-AFV) KUL-BKK-KUL - A320-200 (HS-ABN / 9M-AFM) KUL-SIN-KUL -A320-200 (9M-AQI / 9M-AHG) KUL-DPS-KUL - A320-200 (PK-AXH / 9M-AHG) Fireflyz SZB-MES-SZB - ATR72-500 (9M-FYF Both sector) KUL-BKI-KUL - B737-800W (9M-FFA Both sector) Thai Airways KUL-BKK - A330-300 (HS-TET) BKK-DXB - A330-300 (HS-TEP) NAS Air (National Air Service) SHJ-JED - Embraer E-195 (VP-CQY) Sabah Air Sightseeing flight around BKI - Bell 206 Long Ranger (9M-KUL)
  9. KLIA can handle this aircraft ka? or else, MH will open new service from Subang RMAF airbase...Haha
  10. Does anyone know if SISTIC can deliver the airshow tickets (public) to Malaysia via mail postage, or the postage is just available in Singapore only?
  11. saw it overflying UiTM Shah Alam around like 3.30 pm juz now...
  12. Hmm...could be.. Is there any other flying academy in Sarawak? Austral Academy is in Sandakan right?
  13. Did you remember the Malaysia Airlines first air crash in Tanjung Kupang 0n 1977? That B737-2H6 which involved in that incident is registered as 9M-MBD....
  14. owh...my bad... bcoz i thought all of the ML series in MH fleet will be used by firefly someday... never knew bout ZS-SJI being leased to FY..thanks!
  15. eh....mana eyebrow???? they already got Foxtrot Delta? where is it from? MLD didnt have eyebrow if im not mistaken...
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