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  1. She is currently still at stand 306 and is scheduled to leave today at 1500hrs for Bangkok.
  2. I know this is a bit laggy: HS-TGP supposedly operated TG409/410 on 26 Sep, however the 747 I saw was in the normal Thai scheme, not the retro. I only managed a night pan shot at ISO1600 which blurred out the registration and I can't make out whether it's TGP or TGR. Any Thai spotters among us can confirm which aircraft was sent to SIN - whether it was a mistake and TGR came or whether TGP was repainted? Thanks!
  3. OH-LQD returned to SIN today still wearing her Angry Birds stickers.
  4. Angry Birds plane arriving into T1. Finnair Angry Birds A340 Sorry I'm lazy to reupload to photobucket so I just linked my JP shot
  5. We will be expecting her later today at 1558hrs (LT). She will be parked at gate D34, which is in front of the viewing mall.
  6. 14/9 I got information that MH had sent in its A333 9M-MTD to SIN today, flying a DPS-SIN-KUL routing, anyone has any idea why? Details: MH714 DPS-SIN Arrived SIN 1602hrs MH714 SIN-KUL Departed SIN 1728hrs The aircraft docked at Terminal 2, gate F60.
  7. The foldable umbrella should be ok, I always carry one with me to shield reflections while spotting through Changi's highly reflective glass in the terminal. Have not tried the tripod, but I have carried a Gorrillapod onboard before.
  8. Anyone knows if it's still possible to spot at Seletar?
  9. Tiger still remains at BT. AY82 departs for HEL at 23:30.
  10. Seatmap is up for the SQ all-biz UD A380 http://www.singaporeair.com/pdf/seatmaps/airbus380.pdf
  11. It will be interesting to see some 9V registered AirAsia planes around and hopefully some special liveries related to Singapore, especially since SQ is so averse to any livery other than the standard one. Looks like Changi T1 is going to be even redder than it already is.
  12. Saw the a/c parked at the remote bays in Changi this morning...almost next to the QF A380 VH-OQA which had the engine explosion.
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