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  1. 737 families using the same plug type door including NG. as long the cabin different pressure is there, the door can't be open....:-)
  2. MS* series are non winglet 738. MLO is the last ML* series.
  3. MMC coming to szb for C check...
  4. PIA was experiencing hydraulic problem yesterday
  5. Maybe due to runway closure at KUL this evening
  6. MGG back to service after has been repaired by Fokker team and flown for FAX and MAS Wings, then sold off.
  7. ETOPS certified aircraft have stricker requirement to carry out in term of maintenance and operation compared to non etops.
  8. Nothing to worry much, the aircraft is okay, just that the crew did the engine shut down according to their check list due to certain reason. That's why 737 is made with 2 engines. F50 and Twin Otter very common land with single engine.
  9. This aircraft has no problem with its engine, it was due to another reason that's why it was been shut down in flight. The aircraft operate normally back to kul next day.
  10. different aircraft, the one in penang flying happily so far.
  11. That's fuel coming out from surge tank due to overflow.
  12. The aircraft now flying happily, this accident like landing gear collapsed or engine surgine are not because maintenance work or old age, things happened, even if we buy 10 new bmw, not all are perfects, even brand new delivery aircraft also have problem.
  13. hahaha, yes, agree, let's wait and see
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