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  1. Great news! Now we can fly to SIN with Air Mauritius. The price is somewhere between MH and SQ. Yippie
  2. Not much fanfare...JC Cambodia QD685 Phonm Penh – Sihanoukville – Kuala Lumpur (not reflected in MAHB press release)
  3. I couldn't remember AK operate in Ipoh and Mukah. But the list goes on like this. Correct me if I'm wrong. AirAsia Malaysia: *KL - Naypyitaw *KL - Cebu (currently operated by PQ) *KL - Colombo (now with D7) *KL - Dhaka (now with D7) *KK - Jakarta *JB - Tawau *JB - Langkawi *JB - Lombok *JB - Medan *JB - Jogja *Penang - Chennai *Langkawi - Bangkok (could be FD, not sure) *Langkawi - Hong Kong *Kota Bharu - Singapore *Terengganu - Singapore AirAsia X Malaysia: *KL - Narita Thai AirAsia: *Bangkok - Colombo *Chiang Mai - Macau *Chiang Mai - Singapore *Hatyai - JB *Krabi - Guangzhou *Phuket - Ubon Ratchathani *Phuket - Bali Thai AirAsia X: *Bangkok - Sapporo AirAsia Indonesia: *Jakarta - KK *Jakarta - JB *Jakarta - Saigon *Bandung - Penang *Surabaya - Singapore *Surabaya - Semarang *Surabaya - Bali *Surabaya - Bandung *Makassar - Singapore *Makassar - Jakarta *Makassar - Balikpapan *Makassar - Manado *Medan - Banda Aceh *Medan - Pekanbaru *Medan - Phuket *Medan - Jakarta *Pekanbaru - Singapore AirAsia Indonesia X: *Bali - Taipei AirAsia Philippines/ AirAsia Zest: *Cebu - KK
  4. Wikipedia works based on consensus of other editors. Most airports editors in Wikipedia fully aware what is considered direct or non-stop flights. However, the directness of beyond-hub flights by Mainland Chinese airlines has become an issue in recent years. For instance, flights on Hainan Airlines HGH-XIY-CDG operate from two different terminal in XIY, sometimes involved one wide body (international sector) and continued on narrow body for domestic sector. Many editors argued these airlines had 'abused' the spirit of direct flights and its 'genuineness'. Some said it works like a connection instead of direct flights. These rules also applies in US, Indian and Canadian airports. Here what has been reached in that consensus; List non-stop and direct flights only. That means the flight number and the aircraft, starts at this airport and continues to one or more airports. ... However, avoid listing direct flights that contain a stop at a domestic hub, as virtually all of these are simply flights from one "spoke city" to a hub, with the plane continuing from the hub to a second spoke city. Furthermore, these flights often involve plane changes, despite the direct designation. Including these flights dramatically increases the length of destination listings, artificially inflates the airline's presence at a location and requires constant updating, as these "timetable direct" destinations have little rhyme or reason and may change as often as every week or two.
  5. Wikipedia exclude 'direct flight thru airline's hub', due to possible terminal or aircraft change during transfer. Thus, all the destinations stated above were not considered. Shaheen Air has temporarily suspended KUL, so it was delisted.
  6. Tafe

    Bargain Fares

    SV: KUL–MAD RM 2,181 nett in October 2016. Earn 25% KLM Flying Blue (V fare). This is so tempting. Those avgeeks may opt via RUH and JED at the same price!
  7. GA decided to fly via SIN because CGK runway not strong enough for full load B773. Intermediate stop is vital to lower the take-off weight. The return leg will be non-stop due to lesser weight (fuels).
  8. New brand might adopt GP's font. It looks nice so far.
  9. Price might increase to cover inflight meals. They should rebrand Batik Air livery as well.
  10. https://facebook.com/rizalhakimm.kl/posts/1038480299545628 MH19 tearful farewell in AMS.
  11. 3.5 hours of transit on KUL bound! Not to my liking. Wonder pax should stay onboard or have liberty to wander inside the terminal.
  12. Might be due to MH 737 scaled down from intra-East Malaysia ie KCH-SBW.
  13. My friend who work with Siemens always take ME or TK flight to Germany. He said, finance dept always turndown LH ticket quotation due to unreasonable eye-popping price.
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