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  1. From the article: “Malindo was due to have completed its rebranding into “Batik Malaysia” as of last year. Calling this “a tedious process”, Chandran says that the carrier is still waiting for approvals from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia. Following that, Malindo will inform the other regulators of the countries that it operates to. “We are hoping for this [the rebranding] to be done in 2019. This will allow us to have better synergies [on the marketing and operations front] with our sister company, Batik Air Indonesia, as we both have the same business model.” So far, 13 of its aircraft already have the Batik Malaysia livery, and more are expected to be repainted this year.” But yeah I wonder what’s causing the delay in approvals from CAAM too.
  2. Only one new airline to add to the list from 2018.....the MK fifth freedom KUL-SIN
  3. Just landed in AVV this morning from KUL for the first time. Noticed the load was (anecdotally) noticeably lighter than on my previous KUL - MEL flights in December. Also heard in the queue to get on the skybus to the city, lots of whinging by passengers about how far the airport is from the city, how they were caught off guard with regards to the move etc and how they would avoid this flight in the future. Granted this is all anecdotal and a once off observation, I do hope the move hasn’t and will not cost D7 significant pax and revenue loss. No complaints about the airport itself, it’s pretty efficient and hassle free, cleared immigration, picked up my checked baggage and exited customs to airside within 10 minutes of getting off the aircraft! Try and beat that Tullamarine haha.
  4. Ok joining in the fun.... Air France (AF): B744 British Airways (BA): A320, B744 KLM (KL): B77W Cityjet (WX): Avro RJ 85 Air Berlin (AB): Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Vueling (VY): A320 Easyjet (U2): A320 Air Asia Malaysia (AK): B733, A320 Thai Air Asia (FD): B733, A320 Air Asia Indonesia (QZ): A320 Air Asia X Malaysia (D7): A333 Malaysia Airlines (MH): B734, B738, B772, A333 Firefly (FY): ATR725, ATR726, Fokker 50 Malindo Air (OD): B739ER Singapore Airlines (SQ): B772, B772ER, B773, A333, A359, A388 Silkair (MI): B738, A319, A320 Tiger Airways (TR): A319, A320 Jetstar Asia (3K): A320 Scoot (TZ): B772ER, B789 Garuda Indonesia (GA): B734, B738, A332 Batavia Air (Y6): B734 Royal Brunei (BI): A319, A320, B772ER, B788 Vietnam Airlines (VN): A321 Air India (AI): A319, B772LR, B788 Srilankan Airlines (UL): A320 Emirates (EK): B77W, A388 Qatar Airways (QR): A320, A332, B77W Mahan Air (W5): A300, A310 Iran Air (IR): Fokker 100 Iran Aseman Airlines (EP): B727 Cathay Pacific (CX): A333 Japan Airlines (JL): B767, B772 Skymark Airlines (BC): B738 Solaseed Air (6J): B738 Qantas/ Qantaslink (QF): A332, A333, A388, B717, B734, B738, B744, Dash 8-Q400 Virgin Blue (DJ): B734, B738, E190 Virgin Australia (VA): B738 Jetstar (JQ): A320, A321, A332, B788 Tiger Airways Australia (TT): A320 Regional Express (REX) (ZL): Saab 340
  5. Just booked an AirasiaX flight and, as usual, logged on to Optiontown after to try my luck with the upgrade and empty seat option. However, after inputting my PNR etc, I got an error message that my itinerary is ineligible. Went to the AirAsia website and noticed that they have removed all reference to Optiontown. The 'upgrade' FAQ page now simply says to ask at check in or pay change fee and fare difference for an upgrade prrior to check in. There is no more mention of the ability to request the empty seat option. Would be sad if the Emptyseatoption request is indeed gone as it is about the only thing that makes flying on D7 narrow seats bearable.
  6. Arthur

    Peter Bellew

    Been on >10 MH J class flights between KUL - MEL, SYD, KIX and NRT in the last 6 months. These flights are shorter than AKL but I never had to beg for food. After the main meal, the cabin crew are always dropping by to ask if I wanted a pie/noodles/wraps etc from the snacks and light refreshment list. The main 'cost cutting' I've noticed is that only 3 sticks of satay given now instead of 5 previously but they were always happy to pile my plate with more when I ask for seconds hehe. Have I just been very lucky or is your experience a once off MH having a bad day thing?
  7. 77W. Even my non avgeek elderly parents complained that QR 787 is 'sempit' (too narrow/ uncomfortable) and now blankety refuse to be booked on QR again!
  8. Yeah, flew on Japan Airlines domestic 'business class' recently. No lounge access, no priority boarding and all you get is a cup of beverage and bigger, wider seats. Then again it was priced at only 1000 Yen (RM30) or so more than economy class, so can't complain. Maybe MAS should be like the Japanese carriers and do a beverage service only on all domestic flights.
  9. I cannot verify the accuracy of this but I discussed the poor service standards on VN with a Vietnamese friend once and he offered the following explanation. He told me than VN cabin crew hiring policies are heavily influenced by nepotism and corruption. Hence, only politically well-connected or people from wealthier upper middle class families that can afford to pay a bribe gets hired for the job. A little bit of generalizing here but most of these young men and women aren't well suited for the service industry as they have a 'superiority complex' and are only flying for the 'glamour' and perks of traveling. Most also allegedly run side businesses involving mini entrepôt trade of luxury items from overseas and consequently 'sulks' when they have to work on regional turnaround flights especially.
  10. It probably is. My mum who flies infrequently and knows nothing about aircraft types flew on a QR 787 recently (her first QR flight). After the trip, she could not stop whinging about how narrow and cramped the seats were and told me not to book her on QR again lol.
  11. Hi guys, Are Enrich elite miles only earned when flying MH or can they be earned by flying other Oneworld carriers too? I can't seem to find any charts on Enrich elite miles accrual rate when flying on partner airlines. I am based in Australia and currently only have 11 000 enrich elite miles and about 100 status credits with QF. I do have 3-4 trips to asia coming up during the rest of the year and was wondering if it's better to focus on Enrich or QFF to maximize my chances of hitting gold. Any advice appreciated. thanks!
  12. Hmmmm more importantly, what is he doing switching his phone on to update FB inflight?
  13. Probably. This is already the case with most Indonesian & Indian airports. There is a security screening just to enter the airport building/ check in area.
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