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  1. Will try to snap the photo of the MXX from my flight to KCH tomorrow (hopefully the view is not obstructed by aerogate since i'm on seat 15F).
  2. Ooops; Sorry for the typo Doc. Hehe Thanks for the photo Firdaus; Looks like she's gonna stay in SBW for a long time
  3. http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/04/26/malaysia-airlines-offers-to-lease-a330s-from-alitalia/ According to Peter, MH could take 6 to 8 A330s from AZ. And there are 2 configurations on their A330s: 1st configuration: 20J,17Y+ & 219Y 2nd configuration : 22J & 240Y (info: Wikipedia) However, the 2nd configuration is gradually being replaced with the 1st configuration. AZ A332 3 class configuration (source: seatguru): https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Alitalia_Airlines/Alitalia_Airlines_Airbus_A330_200.php
  4. Photos of the ill-fated aircraft still in SBW, as snapped by Dr Chuo Hock Leong (Uploaded with permission from him):
  5. Not sure about it; as MH didn't mention in their previous statements. My guess the work will be carried out by MH MRO staff.
  6. Awesome catch; maybe you guys at KCH could spot my flight from SBW on May 5th later
  7. This incident itself definitely crippling our air connectivity for the entire weekend, and me myself was shocked upon hearing the news at first, and upon checking it out, it is confirmed later on. Definitely a not good moment for SBW, as we're just about to recover from the Chicken Wings fiasco (i'll just skip that part in order to keep on topic). AFAIK, the damaged aircraft is currently parked at remote bay (not far from the control tower).
  8. They learned it hard way; Only 80 A318s were built, with Avianca Group is the biggest operator, 25 A318s (Avianca Brazil-15 and Avianca Colombia-10).
  9. Yes it is; but too bad it's hard to spot from the outer perimeter of the airport nowadays. Spotting is only possible within the inner perimeter. Sigh.
  10. According to the QR press release, the retrofitting work on the new Qsuites on existing fleet will begin in June 2017, at an estimated rate of one aircraft per month: http://www.qatarairways.com/my/en/press-release.page?pr_id=pressrelease_itbseatreveal_eng and also photos of the Qsuites on QR official flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/qatarairways/sets/72157679506032060
  11. Wow; best of luck to OD. And wish they could reinstate KUL-SBW using B738. Too bad they had to withdrew due to poor load back then.
  12. Interesting JV; Wonder the A332 leased from. Wishing them all the best.
  13. OD267 (KUL-AMD-JED) now approaching JED according to FR24. Wonder how long that flight took place.
  14. Thanks for the info flee; so that means MK now operating MRU-SIN-KUL. Do they have any freedom for SIN-KUL route?
  15. MAB CEO Peter Bellew already responded to the open letter: http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/02/07/mas-issues-apology-to-disabled-passenger/?platform=hootsuite
  16. Nice shot; when do you fly? You could check the rego of the aircraft during your flight on flightradar24.com. EDIT: Upon check-up on fr24; Probably your ride is 9M-AJZ, as her recent visit is on 29/01/2017. The current a/c used for AK6461 is 9M-AQP, on 2/02/2017.
  17. no.10 for AirAsia Malaysia: Sibu-Kota Kinabalu
  18. Was part of the welcoming entourage of the new CM; that's why i've managed to get the ramp access.
  19. Snapped these photos at SBW on 22/01/2017 (Sunday) The reason i've gained access to the tarmac? This is the reason: Unfortunately it was starting to rain shortly this photo was taken. Will upload the rest later.
  20. Photo forwarded by my friend's mom, as she was in Kuching today. Sorry for the poor quality.
  21. Wow; so that means they will only receiving the Batik Air B739ERs instead of brand new aircraft.
  22. Ouch; a blow for them. So sorry to hear about this news.
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