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  1. Sharing the rest of the photos; just got time to upload it here. Shortly after that; I managed to snap few other planes as well: MH B738 9M-MXV MH B738 9M-MLV rotates! RMAF CASA CN-235 also on my lens that day. and lastly, Xpressair B733 flying back to PNK. First time to see her up close, and also the 2nd time to spot her (the 1st time i spot her when i was onboard MH642, where she was taxing to the terminal while my flight is about to take off.
  2. Wow; my guess that NKG and FOC are seasonal routes? Glad to see KUL-CAN upgraded to 333, and KUL-NRT upgraded to 359.
  3. Here are the photos snapped by me; since i'm using a kit lens, so the photos had been cropped.
  4. Today a history is about to be made as MAB will be flying to East Malaysia, and we are looking forward to spot her later.
  5. Hopefully it will arrive between 1300-1400 hours; as i'm about to arrive at KCH at 1320hrs on board AK
  6. Photos of the crews onboard the delivery flight (MH5025 TLS-KUL), by Mohd Sofian Hilmi: The Pilot team MH Management team and DCA personnel are also onboard the historic delivery flight too: and the pilots who in charge of the take off and landing of the historic flight: Capt. Norizan Mahmud ® and Capt. Philips: Not to forget, he also managed to take a photo with the Flight Stewardesses following the historic flight: All photos are uploaded with the permission from the original owner.
  7. Looking forward to see the rest of the photos keep up the good work guys!
  8. Nice Bro Prestley. Hopefully you'll be able to spot my flight on Dec 8th as i am onboard AK6469
  9. Alhamdulillah (Praises to Almighty God), MH5025 had safely landed at KLIA!
  10. You're welcome Vicknesh; All credits should be given to Sofian, as he was there to witness the historic event. And i just helping him to upload the photos of the historic event here to share with all of you guys here
  11. Another batch of photo; this time she's taking off for her flight to her new home! Photo by fellow MWinger M. Sofian H.
  12. You're most welcome flee; yes it is, can't wait for her first flight soon!
  13. Another round of photos sent in by M. Sofian Hilmi to me to be uploaded here: Meanwhile, her other sibling Mike Alpha Charlie (Negaraku livery) performing RTO (Rejected Take Off) test at the same time.
  14. Here are the photos from Airbus Delivery Center in Toulouse, snapped by our fellow MWinger M. Sofian Hilmi at TLS. All of the photos was uploaded with his permission. And here she is; the 1st MH A359 (9M-MAB), parked next to Cathay A350. And the 2nd A359 (9M-MAC) in Negaraku livery also spotted by him as well.
  15. 9M-MXX safely departed SBW on noon after stranded here for 7 months.
  16. MH B738 9M-MXX (MH5100) departed SBW at 1225hrs today; so KUL spotters stand by to spot her. It's her 1st flight since she was involved in MH2718 accident 7 months ago.
  17. Thanks for the info Mushrif; tracking her route now on Flightradar 24
  18. Heard from Whatsapp Group that MXX is flying for the first time today. Any confirmation about it? Thanks for the link
  19. Wow; thanks for the photo Firdaus. Can i have your permission to share this photo on Whatsapp group so i could update them on the latest update on MXX?
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