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  1. Unfortunately the A333 (9M-MTH) is grounded due to technical problem too bad to hear the 1st equipment upgrade ended up AOG
  2. Spotted on 9/02 and 11/02 inside the Airport terminal. 9M-AHS, My ride from SBW (AK6469). And first time spotting this one too: MASwings ATR 72-500 9M-MWF in 'Negaraku' livery. 11/02/2018, Boarding AK6460 to SBW. However flight was delayed due to the late arrival of the aircraft from BKI. And my ride home (9M-AQN): First time spotting the AK 1Malaysia jet (9M-AFP). And not to forget this one too:
  3. Snapped on 9/02 (Friday), while waiting for my flight to Kuching (AK6469). A good start for the year 2018; spotted her for the first time. And another shots of her: And on 11/02 (Sunday) only spotted this one:
  4. Finally, a chance for me to create a thread on my hometown airport, SBW. To those flying in and out of SBW for this year, do share your pics in this thread. Will be flying to KCH today onboard AK6469, So will share the photos i've managed to snap here.
  5. Sigh; sad to see this livery. Would be better if they retain the yellow color.
  6. I think they no longer operate the 744; it was replaced by A333s
  7. Looks like the P2-ANY to be operated by Air Niugini
  8. Also agreed on Sofian's view; most of them nowadays resigned and heading either to AK or OD
  9. Nice! Thanks for sharing with us here
  10. Time to open a new thread for KCH in year 2018. 2017 in KCH ended with some interesting traffic being spotted. May this year will witness more traffic too. Kindly share your photos snapped at KCH for this year on this thread. Cheers and Happy New Year!
  11. Awesome it is. Wishing a fantastic year ahead.
  12. Time to move on for the year 2018; Admin, please move this thread to the Spotting Archive section for safe keeping. Happy New Year 2018.
  13. Thanks for the clarification flee
  14. So that means the Chinese Govt had given a green light to form AirAsia China? Pardon me for asking the question (referring to the press release shared by flee on previous post)
  15. Okay; time to revive this thread again for the year 2017/2018. Here are my reviews for the year 2017: 1. Spotted a brand new aircraft - Spotted the brand new MH A359 (9M-MAB) on her proving flight on Dec 8th at KCH I consider this one of my highlight for this year aviation resolution, and it is unexpected too. 2. Flight got cancelled for the first time & rebooked on another flight which about to depart in half an hour- This occurred on May 2017, as i was about to fly back to SBW from KCH after attending a special assembly at KCH. My original flight (MH3639 KCH-SBW) was cancelled and i was rebooked on MH642 (KCH-MYY) and later MH3657 (MYY-SBW). 3. Transiting at other airport for the first time- Transiting at Miri Airport for the first time (as i was rebooked KCH-MYY-SBW flight). 4. Flying onboard turboprop- Managed to fly ATR for this year (MH3657 MYY-SBW on May 7th) 5. Flying onboard MH B737-800 for Sarawak domestic flight- Flight was MH642 (KCH-MYY) on May 7th . What's in store for 2018? Well let's wait and see.
  16. Nice shots; Looking forward to see more!
  17. Nice catch of the Raya B752F. I only spot her from afar when my flight landed at KCH that time.
  18. I'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right thread (kindly delete if it's wrongly posted); what are the registrations of the B737s in Malindo fleet which does not have IFE screen? I remember OD do have couple of their B737s without the IFE screens onboard. Thanks!
  19. Taken on December 8th 2017, as i was boarding my flight to KCH (AK6469). My ride is Alpha Quebec Papa. 9M-AHF ready for take off
  20. Would just better if they just stick ahead with the square Jalur Gemilang logo instead (the Negaraku logo on 9M-MXS)
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