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  1. Universal Entertainment Airbus A318 ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet) was spotted today at the airport, as the jet carrying the CM of Sarawak entourage for Chinese New Year visit in SBW.
  2. There are extra flights to Sibu for the CNY, i think i spot 2 of them on Flightradar24, from Johor Bahru and KL. And both of them departed around 2300hs and landed between midnight and 0100hrs.
  3. MLJ was not equipped with BSI,henceforth it was tagged as troll master (do correct me if my info is wrong)
  4. Time for a photo thread for Sibu Airport (SBW), Sibu, Sarawak for the year 2019. Last year was a disappointment for me, as i flew only twice (SBW-KCH-SBW) so only few photos was snapped and share with you guys here. Just want to share this photo snapped by my friend on his flight to KCH yesterday (19/01/2019), MH retrojet in SBW, arriving from KUL. Feel free to share any photos here if you're in SBW throughout the year 2019.
  5. Alright; here we go. All photos was snapped using Huawei nova 2 lite smartphones. First time spotted this helicopter, Sikorsky S-76C++ (9M-SBA) of SAZMA Aviation. A first time for me, Raya Airways B734F Eventhough it's only a day trip, it was considered as a lucky one as i've managed to spot couple of AK special livery throughout the day. GE Jet OD B738 in Batik Air livery De'xandra jet The infamous 'Troll Master' of MH (9M-MLJ) a first time for me; AirAsia A320neo! Finally got a glimpse of her for the first time. Last catch from me before flying home to SBW: Xiamenair B738 in Skyteam livery. Pardon for the quality of the photos. And thanks to MWinger BKI Samuel Chy for bringing me to the spotting spots during my short New Year's Day trip to BKI. Hoping to visit BKI again in the future.
  6. Nice catch, Waiping. Apologies for the delay in uploading the photos taken on the New Year's Day, will upload it shortly afterwards. (Just got news that my Flickr already reach my 1K photo limit, and by Feb 5th they will delete older photos from my flickr album!) Will upload it when i get done with my flickr account.
  7. Time to create a new thread for BKI/WBKK Spotting in 2019. Going to share photos snapped by me on 1/01/2019 later. Meanwhile, feel free to share photos snapped throughout the year 2019 in this new thread.
  8. Cool, looking forward to see more photos from the Open Day.
  9. Spotted these shortly after my flight touched down and taxing to the gates on 18/10/2018. MASwings ATR 72-500 9M-MWG Haven't spotted a MH B738 for a long time, and glad to spot her. Pardon for the quality of the photo.
  10. Snapped on 18/10/2018, While waiting for my flight to KCH as AK6469. 9M-AGM being prepared to Johor Baharu 9M-AQR (at the back) arriving at SBW, taxing to the gate 3 Bravo. View from seat 31F Also spotted the MASwings ATR 72-500 shortly arrived at SBW while our flight was taxing to the runway 13. And this is the only one i've snapped on 20/10/2018, shortly after disembarking from my flight. Aircraft was 9M-AQD,in Universiti Putra Malaysia livery.
  11. Cool! Thanks for sharing with us here Waiping.
  12. Going to update this thread again with photos taken by me during my short trip to KCH on 19th October.
  13. Too bad can't attend the KCH Open Day next week. BTW going to share photos snapped by me while in the city.
  14. That means 4 daily flight for KCH-SBW-KCH and the addition is AK9465/AK9464. Glad to hear that, and hopefully they could beat MASwings (since they offer 8 flight daily)
  15. Hopefully the aircraft suffer no damage after the incident. Looks like it's a bad time for KTM at this moment; just about to recover from the deadly US-Bangla Dash 8 Q400 accident and this came in.
  16. Finally; been waiting for your photos to be uploaded here last year. Thanks for the photos, Prestley!
  17. The De'Xandra livery looks cool; especially the Rose Gold color.
  18. Any idea if OD will add more planes for this year?
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