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  1. Thanks Seth That's good.Let's just imagine....sitting on a C-class seats with a Y-class tickets,it's wonderful
  2. Check this out too: Malaysia Airlines had announced that from 4th April 2006,open-dated tickets for pure malaysian domestic tickets are not permitted and below are the guidelines: -For tickets issued on or after 4th April 2006,open dated tickets for first outbound travel on pure malaysian domestic sectors will be discontinued.All tickets issued must bear a flight number,date and status on the first outbound sector. -Issuance of open dated tickets for pure malaysian domestic sectors on all types of malaysian domestic fares: *Senior citizen fare, *GV3/SGV3(Group fare), *Student fare,etc and all classes will not be permitted.However all issuance of subject to load tickets will continue such as senior citizens/student tickets. -This ruling will only apply on MH ticket stock.Issuance of open dated malaysian domestic sectors on other airline documents will still be accepted. -For open dated tickets issued prior to 4th April,customer service staff (CSS)will redirect passengers to ticket office for ticket reissuance.Ticketing staff are to reissue tickets to read the specific flight that passenger had booked to travel. -IMPORTANT NOTE- At airport situation,where passenger produced ticket showing-OK-status,the passenger can be uplifted using the same ticket provided that the applicable cancellation fees are charged and an MCO is issued against the payment made. (This memo arrived late at my office,and many travel agents are calling to the office to verifing it.This is actually an confidental memo,however i've managed to get it.)
  3. Hey guys,check this out: -INTRODUCTION OF ADMINISTRATION FEE ON MALAYSIAN DOMESTIC TRAVEL ISSUED IN MALAYSIA- Malaysia Airlines has received the Malaysian government's approval to collect an administration fee US$3.70 equivalent of MYR14.00 per sector for domestic travel effective 15 April 2006 for tickets issued in Malaysia. It all applies to all bookings ticketed on/after 15th april 2006 by both Malaysia Airlines ticket offices and travel agents in Malaysia.It also applies to transactions effected through the MAS electronic ticketing (MASET) from Maybank ATMS and also through the internet booking facility (IBF). KOMMAS will be updated with the new admin fee at pricing,likewise all CRS/S will be updated accordingly.
  4. Hello guys The Premium Y class is a promotional fare for Apr-Oct flights from KUL-JED sector.After Oct,these fares will not available.But let's just hope that this Premium Y class is applicable for other international routes
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