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  1. we still have chance ah jian. just need luck and determination
  2. crazy and discrimination idea..don't think it will happen
  3. anyone know any advertisement put on malaysia news paper recently for the SIA cadet pilot? Im also wait on the second intake this year
  4. lol..maybe she is very angry with the response by the staff then got mad and threaten to hijack i guess..
  5. gratz malaysianwings...finally it is over with IPS DRIVER ERROR....this is the issue that has been there for some time ..hope not getting it in this server..hheehehe
  6. lol...i think the pilot should drink some energetic drinks such as red bull to buff up and continue the flight..but anyway is it ok for them to take these kind of substance as a pilot on duty??
  7. man..dun go for lame...go for proper engineer(mechanical engineer that masters in aviation<<---this is best)
  8. finally we have a better taste name..stole it from the series??...anyway as long as it is not asmara can d... cant wait to be on a fokker...
  9. Asmara Air<<<<---damn s**k name..like make love on air
  10. LeeCH..Some part I have to agree with u but some I dont..it is true that passion is more important than money..but sometimes the company just taking advantage of what we dream of..it makes something nice become ugly..i just think it is not right for them to take advantage of that..sometimes we need to read the contract carefully before we take rite..rational plays a big part too..
  11. frankly saying..i dream of being a pilot and it is not about money...even if lower than what I earn now it does not matter...it is about true love.
  12. agree A330...save $$$$ all the way..from pilot to parking..
  13. it is true for SIA..but what the heck..i fail few times on those interview but still apply and get called for interview again..hhahaa... ...i too will not give up....this year of boar will bring us luck...sure hope for SIA again... Any way..sunday i din go for AK interview...wasted ya...i calculate d...it is a lost cause...no place stay and no food to eat and no transport somemore have to pay back if even fail one time...RM180k...siao one...AK want to kill my dream and I wont let them do it..hahaha....
  14. the way u wanted to chose is the long way as I am doing now...im now in the stupid box industry..sooner or later I become as stupid as the stupid box..hehe...I have been applying for cadet pilot for 7years ya..lol...if u chose this way u will have to be very very lucky to even go through first round of the interview in SIA...lol..not to say finish the final round to get into cadet pilot... another way is to go for training school urself..go find in google and look for malaysia aviation training college..I look for it few days d...the total cost for ATPL will be about RM180k...so sad I dun have money...that is why I buy 3 lottery every time I see a guy selling it....lol....unless u get loan from ptptn or bank...then u must have a rich family.. 3rd way join military...be a jet fighter pilot and get to fly first then apply back to commercial pilot...this is hard ya...as said in mandarin "Hau nan pu tang ping, hau tie pu ta ting" (if u dun understand this then nvm..hehe) 4th way is also work first...get some money...take the pilot course step by step rather than take all togather...haiz...how am I going to get RM180k....too slow...
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