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  1. Yep,, he like to do that,,, so its not their bad planning... but point fingers to others .... and derive to their decision... If you really don't know ... its best to keep it that way... and please try not to slander others,, as I said if you don't know its best to keep it that way. Affnan
  2. I think there was an oil spill cause by ship during that 93 incident..., Piaruddin I think the PMAT boss was one of the reported missing. NoX
  3. They have six seat, upstairs classified as "Supernumery seats" and few "bunk beds" for crew rest aft of the seats. Affnan The picture shows the Engineer (I think that's V Roy)have his hand near the Alternate Flap control, probably he use it. That also the reason the Flap indication goes to Expanded Mode. Affnan
  4. Interesting, need to see how's Ryan Air strap their Pax on Take-Off, Landing and Turbulance... Lower fares are getting closer to pax transported like Hog in Rattan Baskets... Affnan
  5. The MCP is a very reliable piece of hardware on the Boeings, normally during a hangar check its not even removed from the glare shield. At least that how it was. Affnan
  6. EC 135 Regn : RP-C618 Own by Union Development Group Co. Ltd Affnan
  7. The six IDUs are LCD,, fully interchangeable with the previous Jumbos CRTs,, but it must be ship set. The IFSD on left of upper EICAS also a new one on MH Jumbos. Affnan
  8. Yes they do advertising now.., that's the Setia Group banner.. and inside of the aircraft is full of setia group stickers too.. Here another pic. Affnan
  9. Hi Guys, Did not know this forum exist until I met few of the members spotting in SZB, namely En. Norman unfortunate MKR was nowhere to be seen till during that time. Just to post one shot that I did while waiting. This is Firefly ATR 72-500 Registration : 9M - FYA its the first ATR that arrived in August 2008. I happened to be on board the proving flight prior to first revenue flight back then. This aircraft has undergo one "C"check few months back. BTW : I was looking for the intro section, but can't find it. Affnan
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