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  1. I was heading to South again for just two airplane Target one "Transaero 743". Now all 777 during Summer10 schedule except ship change. Target two "Business Air 762" new face for HKT from Summer10 schedule. May be history soon I think Very nice FD apron bus Sabai Sabai
  2. Hi Kwek, I was also there but my purpose for UTP was just to shoot 2x7B ILWs Nice to see your clear shots in the morning. I didn't shoot those military well ex S7 colour beautifuN RA-86109 best one in 7B fleet. I don't mind boring SU colour. big times better than whity one RA-86138 ILW style posing
  3. Sneeze, Very simple. All those 27L/R spot can be reached by foot. Just take a tube and get off at Hatton Cross station. You may find spotting spot 27L easily. For 27R approach spotting, 285 bus that is running between central bus station @ LHR and Hatton Cross station through Bath Rd.(close to 27R spot) would be usuful for you. For 27L rotation (Phil's TG 744 rotation) you must have a rental car. Driving along the perimeter road from Hatton Cross side(direction to T4) you may find the spot(Esso petrol station) easily. Please note you might get only wide bodies heavy rotation there. 27L lining up, A ladder would be nice however a police car coming within minutes, I do not recommend you to try this because of angle between fence and taxi way, I don't like to shoot 27L lining up through the fence. 27R lining up is easy to shoot through the fence without ladder however light is only available after 1800hrs during May-July summer time. In case 09 in use there is only one spot 09L approach(09R spot is gone long time ago), you can be raeached there by bus heading for "Longford" There is no bus service between central bus station to Longford. You may need to tranafer on Bath Rd. Acess by rental car also would be nice for 09L. Any more Q, just email me or msn me. Hopefully better wx there YK
  4. Phil, nice wide bodies from LHR! 1999 style Star Alliance is still flying! Long time not trying 27L lining up. Looks like my spot is still OK Any vip planes for sharing?
  5. No worries Azahan! There were guided tour by me free of charge exclusive to Jksc. Some more pics from pooket... Could be highlight of this winter08-09 schedule. SpeciaN color at top view. Still powerfuN. Flying almost every day. Jumbo is big at Paradise. Now better amount of triple at Paradise than usual. Arriving from Perth.
  6. I had to organize Paradise trip for Jonathan. How to shoot at ATC... terribeN 1st day. Hazy wx + runway 27 in use whole of the day. Nokair 738 good catch there but every day same 738 for first flight. this time Jumbo is very shy for morning TG201/204. heavy rotation due to tail wind Jet-X first time visitor for HKT winter 07-08 season. 3 per week scheduled charter flights from ARN and CPH. Sat is busy for European visitor. Good for spotting. Non stop for SHJ 6hrs50mins flight. MA another pro HKT. Can be seen every Thu and Sat. Highlight of the day. Since 06-07 season TuiFly Nordic(Britannia Sweden) flights upgraded to 744. Luckily no more boring 767s. "Bluescan 915" from ARN. I was at GND duty. LCL duty lady on the right.
  7. Very sunny....... i miss BLX 744. Spotter on the left looks like Japanese
  8. some more updates Phuket 2007. green cockpit christmas decoration ALL-Y seating cabin delayed for better lighting. real Russian Rossiya Dalavia T20 very boring stuff for me. unnecessary T20 visitor for Japan! fake Russian how to shoot at outside
  9. Yes for fresh air. GPU on but no aircon. It was sauna terribeN! See my shirt 2007 was better. Arrived in Paradise by TU5 VIP spotter arriving from Moscow. See TG escort guy behind.
  10. I have 11mm on digitaN full frame. Amazing Thailand Check out reverser number 2. Delayed push back due to MX.
  11. City of London! but arriving from Billund(Denmark). Chartered by Scandinavian travel agent. Zooooom 1st time visitor for HKT too! Ex JAL JA8173 pity no Sun. Rotating 09 non-stop to Domodedovo! Early evening wind direction changed. Thai 217 from Suvarnabhumi
  12. Some pics from my side. Nokair7533 for DonMuang nice farang voice on the radio Investavia kazakhstan's new VIP flight operator. Still wearing ex Aviaenergo full color 1st time visitor for HKT. Arriving from HatYai(for 10days storage) 2hrs before the flight back to Almaty. Hopefully one more chance for me Dec08-Jan09!! very heavy rotation for Male! this BBJ can be seen in HKT very easily during new year season! Jan HKT pro!
  13. Sharing European route rotation photos from NRT. heavy hair drier engine 340 the best for late rotation no more MD-11 will be history soon... 77W always early rotation
  14. Cornelis, Forget HKT. If you are first time visitor,non-pro HKT, you may be arrested. Then missing AK flight to KUL. Especially, European looking guy is dangerous. Security keep their eyes on! Please note aviation photography is not allowend in Thailand and HKT is secured airport now! Half a day transit/spotting sounds very boring if you choose non-charter day/timing. I think BKK conx better na krab?
  15. Nice SP pic bro. 2years not flying but IAB looks fine now. Next time you should try outside shooting for Iran. Let me know if you are there on Mon or Thu. If Thu, we can see Tu-154 he he he. Long time not uploading to this topic, finally I have some stuff to share. Weekend in Tokyo, it means Tristar spotting for spotters. Must go to Yokota "International Airport" if wx is ok. last Saturday rego was N163AT... new color based no title one... Arrived from Kadena follow "transient alert"(follow me car) to parking bay. Of course follow me is American vehicle. Trans Pacific from Yokota means "late" afternoon... had to wait... While standing by ATC-CLR for Amtran, call sign "Transport460" was on approach freq. Hehehe it's bonus!!! DC8 is coming Arriving on Runway 18 her homebase Yokota from Singapore. N799AL eight-62 with lovely original engines. I think only 1-2 is remining with ATI now. My first time to get her after wearing new color OK 1640L finally Tristar is taxing out. Lovery 3 holer The BEST angle. Weather OK but last ray of the sun is gone...due to building behind. Remind me "Phuket" I can touch Tristar. Sun is OK on the Runway. At 1645 almost sunset time. Amtran 5080 heavy to Seattle showing us powerful rolling. See you next...
  16. IL6 "tail heavy" use it during taxi and parking
  17. OK Levent, make sure you visit LGK at Russian period. If mistake to choose date...sux traffic... In my opinion, 7B(Krasair) IL9 (1st visit LGK) is highlight of new year charter 06-07. Inbound already arrived yesterday(30th) ferry flight back to DME is 7B9906 today STD1120L. Outbound? hehehe on 8th Jan Maybe ferry in the day before... I believe you might see 1xIL6 1xIL9 1xTU5 1xILW next week... But every one leave the paradise on different date on 8Jan,10Jan,13Jan and 14Jan...my god. Please do spotting on behalf of me... I gave up LGK this time but sure will try Russian spotting at another paradise hehehe. btw, please do not forget to bring your international driving license. If without a car it's hard to do spotting there... good luck man
  18. LGK spotting is very easy. Just pick up "cheap" rental car then driving around! No worry for ladder. Fence is super low! 2steps is enough. No security patrol around too. I am glad to show you some sample. end of 03 afternoon side (03 end only available West side) at 1600 lighting is still s#1t during Winter time(Jan) after 1700 it's ok. also afternoon side viewing from famous Helang Hotel. taxing on apron for re-position by themself for one-week storage. You can see morning spot behind the Runway near exit Tway-C. LGK's best spot Runway mid point in the morning. Sun is ok till 1330. Left side of TWR is Helang Hotel. Another best spot end of Runway21. I am still thinking to go to LGK again for new year charter or not...
  19. 19Nov A380 first visit to Japan. We managed to get their first landing at NRT. Airbus202 from HKG approaching 34L at 1149L on-time! under the horrible wx. Hatake(crop field) point was full house. Museum behind also full. Lucky I could find last minutes "remote" parking space at there. There were amazing 300++ cars... I think nearly 1000 people at anywhere end of Runway for 380 arrival. Deck also thousand or more people at this time. After landing we gave up Qatari319(Amiri4) departure at 1400L due to rain. Then moved to Terminal 1 for towing from bay #45 to 46. Not many people know towing info luckily spot was not so full. Anyway wx is terrible... Handle by NH hehehe. fit check at #46 20Nov A380 was heading back to TLS as AIB203 weather was slightly better than 19th. Holding short on Alpha 11mins for on-time 1300L take off. It's sunny on taxiway but landing gears not visible... Lining up 34L. cloudy again. Taxing and landing light is LED. Whity lighting also toktoktok slides after this shot Sure spotting spot was full again. At least 50 photographers around 34L in spite of bad wx and weekday. Observation Hill also full with normal people.
  20. some more pics from 34L. so many jumbo departure. Kevin, NW don't have 74Y. NW havies... NRT is the best airport to nail all of them except 333s. Hard to get SPP in NRT. s#1t missing sun. Double RR logo on NBR1 engine. Heavy traffic time to Siberia! Yokoso Japan 744 lining up 34L for JFK make money flight JA8916(L04) is F11/C91/Y201 configuration. Powerful man!
  21. Chaity, yes carried 4 ladders 2/3/4/5steps Raj, yes behind 74 is "Marroad Hotel" very famous hotel for world wide spotters. You can book special stay plan "Runway 16 plan" no refund if 34 in use hehehe OK one more close up. Check out MH style tie hehehe start shooting at 9am. morning = Jumbo time boring PR 744 is lining up 34L I need 340s... long time not see her. moved to yellow zone hehehe lucky!! no police At 11am start 777 time. Terrible period for Azahan. I think 70% of traffic is 777s. 77W is also very popular in NRT but we don't have EK... short sleeve very powerful
  22. yuh loh, Thanks for your stuff. Folks, It's time to upload some more pics sharing with you. Last month I had Narita spotting with TK hehehe Malaysssian 88 he was on radio. No fake Thai-English this time. TG642 behind MH88 was more clear English this time hehehe. Early morning period, the short Runway(34R-16L) have heavy traffic from West. Vietnam every day 2 777 flts arriving s#1t time(0700) then departing s#1t time(1000) Hard to get them under great sun lighting...s#1t... Overnight flight from CDG. Boring visitor. UPS is pro NRT Bravo Runway. Very hard to get 4 of NH76Fs. Conti Mike flight from GUM. Hard to see 764 out of US. After Mr.TK's landing I managed to get close up shots. Hehehe I didn't notify to him my early bird visit to NRT. Approaching to E-2 on B taxi way the first officer found something at Bravo corner. Haiya one hardcore spotter on the hill. Nearly stand up to look carefully who is on the top of very high ladder. OK confirmed hehehe. WOW captain also insight me continue
  23. OK guys some more blue sky shots. I bet our emperor can read "北海道" he he he. NH EL NQ titled domestic 767 haiya. Last weekend I got better shots of JCAB YS-11s from "outside" he he he. weekend = no mission. Special guest on Saturday. Pushing back to Singapore as NGR001.
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