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  1. I was there also. I saw the R44 but sadly I didn't see any para jumping
  2. Wow. 375 is a huge number! Does anyone know how many aircraft AirAsia has now?
  3. This place looks so familiar. lol I only heard the sound of the fighter jet. I was at the terminal. It flew away by the time I went out to see it. I have been waiting long for new operator or new aircraft. Is the news about Berjaya Air believable?
  4. Sounds interesting. I have always wanted to know more places where we can take some nice shots other than 14L/32R Lakeside. Norman, do you mind telling us how we could reach the "hill" that you said? Besides, I hope someone can guide me to the "Ladang" as well
  5. Hi all. Actually I'm not new to this forum but I would say I'm a noob if you ask me about cameras and photography. I have been wanting to buy a simple camera to develop my interest in aircraft shooting. Do you guys have any suggestion for me? It might be inappropriate to bring up this question in this thread but I also go to KUL very often, especially the lakeside near 14L/32R.
  6. Starting from 1st January, Emirates will send A380s to KUL for regular flights. Any plans here? Like where to spot?
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:C-17_4.jpg I saw an aircraft which looks like this landing at KUL this afternoon at around 2 o'clock. Did anyone else see that? Its engine sound was very loud, much louder than a B747's !
  8. nice pictures, tukun59. May I know the location where you took all these video?
  9. hi mates. Is there any other place where we can spot aircraft taking-off at runway 32R? other than the lakeside.
  10. I can't believe that I missed the 6th anniversary. Is any spotter here going to take some shots this week? Lakeside or Ladang?
  11. Sorry guys, can I know which place is the best to take some shots of the aircrafts landing at 32L? Anyone is going next thursday or friday?
  12. Nice pictures from Ramani and Raj! How sad I was to miss the 9M-MTA because I was having exam at that time >< Michael, wow xD I like the effect of the last picture! It's cool! By the way, Who is going to the lakeside near 32R next week? about 28th or 29th?xD
  13. Really? What time was it when you saw the brand new A330?
  14. When will be the next spotting? Wish to join you guys. I'm a newbie here, only equiped with a digital camera and a pair of binoculars ><
  15. nice photos, guys! Thinking of going to LIMA in the end of this year, may go spotting there as well. any recommended places?
  16. Wow. All these photos are nice!!! By the way, do you guys have any ideas when I can spot MAS B738 New livery and also Firefly B738 at KLIA?
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