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  1. Any one here going to catch the show at KLCC? I'm planning to head to Traders Hotel or KLCC park. Right now, its raining...hope tomorrow will be clear at the same hour.
  2. Who's going and which tickets you have bought? I can see that only Zone A tickets are for sale online...RM169 for weekend. Would like to know if there are other cheaper zones or with a better view if all zones are similar priced.
  3. News reports 20k visitors..glad to be part of it too. Did you any of you win the lucky draw?
  4. truly a Malaysia Airlines day..i see no reds in the any of the pics hehe. Excellent coverage guys..thanks for sharing
  5. nice pics! thanks for sharing and keeping this topic alive..was browsing through the earlier 2005 posts. time flies..so does age
  6. Happy Anniversary!! Will there be a spotting session at SZB today (26/6)?
  7. Guys..Iron Maiden is heading to SG in February 2011...meaning "Ed Force One" is heading there too! make sure you guys catch it My linkhttp://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest+News/Showbiz/Story/A1Story20101103-245553.html
  8. was at langkawi last weekend to attend a friend's wings presentation ceremony...some casual spotting shots from HMA's hangar
  9. Late post from me...was there on the last trade day. It was really hot in the mid noon and not many people were around the 738...and the lone guard let me in. A million thanks to him! "Welcome to Garuda Airlines" they greeted me A330F gives birth to a baby A330F the ultimate place to make a marriage proposal Potential pilots get a tour of the front..just like a scene at a car dealership where the buyer gets a feel at the drivers side and the SA explains the functions. while potential buyers get a tour at the back. inside the Chinhook At night, watching planes on 02L/R final approach from my balcony. more photos can be seen from my facebook album here ...the photos are not as good as taken by the "taikos" in MW though
  10. Can trade visitors go in and out of the show? I mean like go out to take pics of the planes taxiing and then go back in to the static exhibition area.
  11. ) Ramani - 6th Feb (arr AK0719 06feb KUL-SIN, dep AK0718 06feb SIN-KUL) 2) Pieter - 7th Feb (arr 3K0556 06feb SGN-SIN, dep 3K0555 08feb SIN-SGN) 3) WaiPing -6th Feb (arr AK6273 05Feb BKI-SIN, dep AK6274 07Feb SIN-BKI) 4) Vivek - 2nd & 3rd Feb (arr IT29 30Jan BOM-SIN, dep IT30 04Feb SIN-BOM) 5) Vu Loc - 6th Feb (arr VN741 05feb SGN-SIN, dep VN740 07feb SIN-SGN) 6) Ashmil - 6th Feb (arr TR453 06feb -KUL-SIN, dep AK0722 06feb SIN-KUL 7) Sofian - 6th Feb (arr TR453 06feb -KUL-SIN, dep 3K 687 06feb SIN-KUL 8. LW Wong - 5th Feb (arr 3K684 05Feb KUL-SIN, dep 3K685 07Feb SIN-KUL)
  12. Anyone going on the last trade day 5th (Friday)? I'm planning to fly in on that morning.
  13. Oh no...No more spotting and bye bye shortcut route to F1 circuit during the race days...
  14. taken on tuesday morning...was at anjung tinjau for a short while.
  15. with a driver fetching you guys around and stop at the spots of your choice...syok ler..like "airport safari" haha. Did you guys take any videos?
  16. Out of curiosity...Is the van driver a bulis or MAB security personnel?
  17. From Saturday's outing. Decided not to go Sepang Circuit after you guys said AFOS was boring..planes lagi syok mah hehe. Thanks to Simon for letting me test the 70-300VR on my D40...this shot below using your lens. Looking forward to spot with you guys again!
  18. AK still going strong..about 2 months ago MAS had stop the hiring of admin staff. Heard this from the HR dept. However, they're still taking in cabin crew and cadets.
  19. Since MW URL was not shown in the report, maybe members into flight simming can plan another meet up with other reporters to feature flight simming and mention MW. Or maybe plan a visit to MH/AK simulator/hangar and have reporters to cover the visit.
  20. If LCCT Labu project not frozen, then possibly Najib-Labu @ east in the future!
  21. IMO, looks better than LCCT. I wonder if there's any plans to change the car park rates.
  22. wow, 4 smiling ladies + blue skies...priceless
  23. Travel from 1 Dec..Just nice for Christmas!
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