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  1. i wonder how all those aircraft reach malaysia ? fly all the way from US ?
  2. i think this is the only place to read about the A380 for SIA news paper also not tat detail keke thanks guys
  3. got pic of the delivery ??
  4. when we go LCCT and snap pic ......... sure kena scold by the guard
  5. hmm i hope the livery will be as nice as the hibiscus and heliconia
  6. if they choose the wrong steps mayb will go bankrup..... if u dun need it dun order it.... dun because of "face" problem... scare ppl laugh malaysia canot afford A380 then they go order ... but later 500 + seat aircraft not even half full...
  7. if they sponsor ferrari mayb ........ red with red
  8. hi all i jus back from HK hehe nice country yah but mahal lah everyplace.....eat also double our price.....
  9. very nice lah tat pic so colorful so nice !
  10. huh ? the hazy in malaysia is because of forest fire.... but i dun think HK one is tat kind of haze.... issit more like the haze in genting ?
  11. hehe when i go hK also will take some photo ..... the photo u guys take .. the background is foggy issit because very cold ?
  12. haha the last pic really funny lah if that photo was shown to thier company ... i think she will get fired haha btw Sneeze thanks for the info bout toy fair i m going there on jan
  13. Boeing 747-400 KLM Airline Airbus A340 Boeing 777 SQ SQ-with inflight TV and telecommunications Canada airline AirAsia ?.....!?
  14. whao nice pic.... that A380 stil flying around the world without passenger ah ??
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