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  1. Its was Captain s landing not the FO. I am really disappointed that every time something happen we assumed it was the FO that cause it, Personally I think the AK FOs are good and safe. Its hard enough that they are not appreciated at AK but among us, we should be more supportive as we all use to be FO sometime or another. Happy Flying
  2. Dear Aril, I am currently working with an airline and I was in the recruiting committee, I have interview and accepted pilots 30 years and above with 220 hrs total time, the most important thing at that time were attitude and aptitude to adapt into the airline world, i have to admit that age were one of the down factors but against 30 pilots that were below 25 years of age the committee still took these mature pilots and currently are doing quiet well and some better than their younger batch. I personally have taught 5 pilots locally over the age of 30 who end up in the airlines from MAS, Air Asia, Transmile and Berjaya Air. Last person i knew was Allan from RSFC who started in AirAsia recently, he is 40 something years old and logged few hundred hours in flying club locally.He started flying at the age of 40. I guess what I am saying is that its all depend on you and your family, I noticed that family or moral support is the most important thing money cannot buy for you to succed. Best of Luck Cheers S.I
  3. Hi, dont worry too much about the interview, they will keep it for further evaluation when the time comes. Usually we keep interviewing all the candidates and see which ones we can recruit. Of course you have to know that when you are selected we have to make sure you can perform when the time comes. Management always look on the bad side when it comes to recruiting, ie when he/she gets the rating will they leave. Other factors include peformance base, sometimes words are not enough, many have fall below expectation when they are in training and line flying. Management will look into recruiters on who they recommend and question our abilities as well. So its a viciuos circle. One suggestion to you is that they are looking for a commitment ( prove ones would be good ) and also ability to lead. Anyway these are the points I look for when I recruit. Dont tell them you are good, prove to them. Good Luck
  4. Thanks for the article......I will show it to Transmile 727 crew I am sure they will get a big kick out of it. The funny part is that what he wrote is quite true....we have tons of laugh and fun in 727... never boring.
  5. Sure one day I will organise this for you all but not so soon, at the moment bz with all the flying, I might thrown in sim as well.
  6. Thank you for the big welcome, unfortunately I would like to remain anonymous due to my position, i hope you all understand..MD 11 freighters are in short supply around the world, plus is not feesable to convert to cargo from passengers and if there is around it is very expensive to aquire. 747-200 we found were not from the desert but from European region, hope this answer ur inquiries, Transmile is growing but at the end of the day I felt too slow, future wise in Transmile is very bright and I hope eventually we catch up with the rest of the worlds airline.
  7. I worked with Transmile so far everything is very fast pace for the future. We just getting use to handling MD11 and now with 747-200F x 2 intially...at the present moment the rate of narrow body to wide body is 2 years within the company and they are looking for pilots and also now recruiting 200hrs pilot. and at this rate you will be flying widebody in 2.5 years. not bad for non government funded aviation company.
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