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  1. Very sharp pics you have there!
  2. To end the 2016 thread, here's a compilation of the equipment upgrade operating MH2520/MH2513 from 28th December to 31st December in no particular order. Aircraft featured are 9M-MTE(2x), 9M-MTF and 9M-MTG. Apologies for the quality, lighting was very poor. Happy New Year 2017 everyone!
  3. Another rare appearance by Bauhinia in daylight. Caught on Christmas Eve. Departed Kuching at 1.30pm. Delay could be due to heavy fog in Kuching in the morning. [/url]
  4. It was up from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only. Heard they might reuse it for CNY.
  5. Nice catch. Quite rare, this one. Still wonder who owns it and where do they fly to/from. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Haven't noticed these decorative lights before this. [/url]
  6. Splendid shots, Deezzul! Especially of the A380 and the Xanadu.
  7. Even if row 14 is empty they don't let people sit there which is a shame but I'm sure there are security reasons. But good to know that legroom hasn't shrunk or anything on the neo. Taken on Tuesday. Pushed back and heading back to KUL as AK5209.
  8. It sure is a thing of beauty! It seems to be replacing 9M-AGB in doing East Malaysia sectors now. How's the seat pitch? Anything different than the current A320ceo models?
  9. Yes! I found it very confusing as well at first. I guess the only way to tell will be by the wordings Some airside shots.. Boeing Brothers. The Retrojet's radome showing signs of wear and tear. 9M-AGB during turnaround time. A closer look at the CFM LEAP1A engine 2. 'Asean Basketball League' 9M-AFE 'China Greenland Group' livery. 9M-AFT, previously the MFace livery.
  10. Thank you! Fortunately it comes during the late afternoon now. But no more Transmile colors which I have not caught it in. Yeah that picture was taken around 11, close to afternoon. The flight was rescheduled for the week due to the typhoon around East Asia in late October.
  11. Beautiful shots, Azahan! Were you using a tripod?
  12. Some of my favorite picks from November's spotting sessions. Seeing Hong Kong Airlines here in daylight for the first time. One of the most fun and colorful AK liveries I've seen. The Banana with a white radome. Tune Talk's flying billboard arriving in evening light from Lumpur. The second A320neo rotating back to Lumpur. With Captain Aquila Ismail in seat 0A. Do or die, I just gotta catch this 767! Finally got a shot of the 'Kuching City Alarm Clock'. Airport authorities began digging out some unsightly mounds.
  13. Information from social messaging: source authenticity yet to be verified. Status Operasi : Sampai ditempat kejadian didapati benar berlaku kebakaran melibatkan sebuah generator milik syarikat TJ Pacific yang diletakkan diluar bangunan. Kebakaran juga melibatkan 4 tong minyak Jet A1 dan sebuah tangga penumpang Airbus. Kebakaran telah berjaya dikawal dan dipadamkan oleh pasukan Bomba Lapangan Terbang semasa Pasukan Bomba BBP Tabuan Jaya sampai ditempat kejadian. Kebakaran tidak melibatkan strukur bangunan MAS kargo sepertimana yang dilaporkan.   Maklumat Tambahan:Set Generator tersebut digunakan untuk kerja-kerja kimpalan pada waktu berkerja siang hari dan tidak dihidupkan pada sebelah malam, 4 tong minyak JET A1 menyebabkan api cepat marak.
  14. 9M-LCG, bumped into Kenneth who was about to board this flight to KL.
  15. Yeah it's like that 4-5 days a week. Getting quite predictable.
  16. Sure thing! Just hit us up and I'm sure my colleagues will be happy to bring you around if I'm not free Hahaha yeah quite innovative xD the video doesn't do justice lah. You gotta be there for yourself to really hear how quiet it is.
  17. When is LNC and LND entering into service? LNC still hasn't flown a revenue flight yet after its delivery.
  18. Had a quick spotting session today seeing that the afternoon sun was up and the lighting was good. Joined a few other spotters and our mission was to catch 9M-AGB on its second day in service. I caught her yesterday but wanted to try my luck again today to get shots with better lighting. But knowing Kuching weather very well, the weather will always miraculously turn against our favor just as the main dish approaches. I first went to the shoplots to catch her landing. Weather en route to the location was bright and sunny but as soon as I got there, the sun was hiding behind the clouds. Sigh..should've known this was gonna happen. But anyhoo since I was already there might as well get a shot for what it's worth. AK5208, the flight number dedicated to A320neo aircraft. After that, made my way up the hill to the best spoting location in Kuching so far (for taxi, landing and 07 rotation shots). Limited edition AirAsia Remove Before Flight keychain. RM10, purchased onboard an AK flight last month. At this time, Giovanni and Oliver was already on the hill, with Oliver perched on his ladder and Giovanni on the newly built platform. They were training their weapons on a RMAF C130. The newly built platform was a simple yet ingenius design by Oliver, constructed solely by him. It can hold a maximum of 4 people on top and 3 maximum if a ladder is set up. The underneath doubles as a shelter from rain and sun. FIRE AT WILL!! The target? 9M-MLT rotating off 07 back to Kuala Lumpur as MH2521. By the time 9M-AGB pushed back and begun taxi, the sun was completely covered by clouds with dark angry storm buildups west of the airfield. I decided it was not worth trying to get a decent shot...So I took a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN3ZIA8vqI4
  19. Reviving this thread with AK's third A320neo! Came in as AK5208. Departed as AK5209. She came again at night as AK5226/5227.
  20. Yeap they do have it. Not sure about the frequency but it's 2x a day. Morning and evening. 27 Jan KCH/TPE MH8772 2040-0100 2 Feb TPE/KCH MH8773 0200-0630. Info from a member of Kuching Spotters group. But of course, things might change at the last moment. However I did recently come across a Powerpoint presentation from ACE Entrepreneurs Conference that included TransAsia Airways for that charter flight. Perhaps a codeshare?
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