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  1. The frustration right now is unreal. Even if we do get it, it'll be quite a while after BKI, just like when the A320neo was introduced into AK fleet.
  2. Does KCH have the same luck?
  3. Interesting.. They really are targeting the Chinese cities now. Any idea about the timing?
  4. Hi I'm sorry but my source only has info for the KCH one as he is involved with the events in Kuching.
  5. I think they'll most likely use their Royal Flight aircraft which is a modified A332. Callsign CAM FORCE ONE.
  6. Got info that the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are scheduled to arrive on the 6th at 1.15pm. They will then fly off to Penang on the same day at 5.15pm.
  7. Yeaaaaaa... With Mainland Chinese, I'm skeptical.
  8. Nice taxi shot, Gio! Was disappointed I didn't get a rotation shot from the terminal. Sure rotated early!
  9. Are those 3 routes gonna be for familiarization? Any chance of it going to other places before 9th Dec?
  10. I was thinking maybe they'd use this diversion as an opportunity to research on logistics. Hopefully that crossed their mind. Handling was by Aerodarat. Meal vouchers were given out twice. Once in the morning and once at 11am.
  11. China Southern's A319 paid us an unscheduled visit. Diverted from BKI due to adverse weather caused by Typhoon Lan. 90 passengers, stranded in KCH from 4am and only departed at 1pm. [/url]
  12. Thank you for following! Perhaps I will share them in a separate batch. I find the morning light is softer and less harsh than the late afternoon light. Really a nice time to photograph aircraft. Speaking of 07 landings, 1776 two days ago and 5204 yesterday landed on 07. Usually it's requested by the pilots themselves, with traffic permitting. Last I spoke to a friend of mine who's an FO with AK, he said Shenzhen was confirmed for late November. Looks like they've moved the schedule. Nevertheless glad it's materializing. I'm abit skeptical about how long MFM can last. Last night I had a talk with my Uber driver about Indonesian tourists. He says a lot of the Indonesians he drives around come from Jakarta who flew to Pontianak for transit before coming here. A lot of them come for shopping and for our hospitals. Perhaps a KCH-CGK route would be feasible?
  13. First, starting off with the ones I've taken in very favorable lighting conditions which also include golden hour lighting. Starting off with Raya Airway's 757 vacating on B in some good morning light. MASWings's 9M-MWA commencing her takeoff roll on runway 07. Malaysian departing into the evening light. 9M-AFE ASEAN Basketball League livery rotating off 25 to Kuala Lumpur as AK5213. 9M-AJJ Silkair's baby Bus arriving from Singapore. Not too long before these will be replaced by Scoot's yellow A320s. 9M-AQS smoking the asphalt on a rare runway 07 landing. Malaysian in nice evening light arriving from Miri before continuing on to Kuala Lumpur. 9M-AGD completing her pushback with signature dark Kuching skies looming in the background. Love the startup sounds of the LEAP1A engines. The hum can be heard reverberating through the terminal. M54-04 entering runway 07 via D. It's rare enough to see AK using 07 for landing but this time a Malaysian too? MXS turning into bay 5 donning her Negaraku livery for the first time into Kuching. What a beauty! A Vistajet Challenger. A common sight in Kuching as even the Chief Minister, Abang Jo uses them on overseas trips such as to Hobart in Australia or Ho Chi Minh. One of the few old birds still wearing the classic livery. Cherish them while they're still flying. MWC in her own Negaraku livery, a spitting image of her bigger parent company Boeing, 9M-MXS. 9M-AGC, the only non-NEO 9M-AGx aircraft in AK's fleet. And to finish off, the Dragon.
  14. Yeah haven't posted here in awhile. Will update very soon.
  15. When will MWD be unveiled? Can't wait to spot her in KCH.
  16. Pretty sure it's 9M-MTC. It hasn't flown for a long time.
  17. On the 5th of June, the inaugural Kuching - Pontianak - Kuching flight by AirAsia took off bearing the flight numbers AK1028 and AK1029 respectively. Although I wasn't present for the pleasantries and welcome, I managed to get some photographs of the flight which was operated by 9M-AQO, a new addition to other 3 Kuching based aircraft, replacing 9M-AQF a few days before. AK1028 pushed back from bay 9 a few minutes ahead of the scheduled 11.55am departure. It would then take off from runway 25 at 11.58am via intersection A2. Very nice of the crew to take A2 instead of the usual A1. Light load perhaps? If anybody know what the load was on that day, do share. The return flight, AK1029 landed a few minutes ahead of schedule despite the delayed departure from Pontianak. Coming in for runway 25 with a visual approach. It then parked at bay 9 with the airport AFRS ready for the traditional water cannon salute.
  18. Oh you'd be surprised! RYA isn't the dirtiest I've seen. Wait till you look at their 727s! It's like a chimney blew soot all over it!
  19. My pleasure! Awesome low evening light for two days in a row, something which is quite rare nowadays. And on one of those days, Malaysia Airlines decided to send one of their widebody jets here. Was extremely lucky to catch it in good light too! Raya Airways Boeing 757, 9M-RYA now taxiing under her own power compared to the last time I saw her. [/url] 9M-MSB on taxiway A while sister ship 9M-MXL rotates off runway 25 in the background. Not the very best panning attempt. 9M-AGC in dusk light. And again in bright evening light. 9M-AHJ has been repainted and is now wearing the new Charter Prime livery, formerly painted in the BIG Duty Free livery. Stationed in JHB currently and arriving in some nice golden hour light. After pushback for a flight back to JHB. 9M-MUA shimmering in the golden light. Followed by M54-04, RMAF's fourth A400M.
  20. Time to clean up on April spotting. 9M-AFB [/url] Giovanni arriving in 9M-WSB 9M-MTJ was sent here on the 10th, a nice equipment upgrade, the first of the year. US Navy Boeing 737-C40 Clipper stopping by before continuing to Halim. 9M-RYA being towed to the cargo apron from the runway. The aircraft experienced hydraulic failure shortly after takeoff and performed a safe emergency landing back to Kuching. Private A318 of Alpha Star Aviation Services nightstopping in Kuching. Registration HZ-A5. 9M-AGC, the youngest in the fleet. Currently still based in KCH. 9M-LCM, one of the newest member of Malindo's fleet. 9M-AFP 1 Malaysia livery. 9M-AQZ pushing back in some nice evening light. 9M-AQD resting and on GPU power after completing all sectors for the day. 9M-MXR which had also completed all the day's sectors. One half of the twin livery aircraft. The other one being 9M-AHL with very minor differences between the two. 9M-AHR which is currently based here in KCH.
  21. Hi Tamizi..which flight will you be on? Honestly I don't know either haha
  22. Ahh the classics. Wonder if we'll see anything new this time. I'm sure people are more creative nowadays.
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