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  1. Thanks for the guide. I also don't have a DSLR but getting one soon. For now only use mobile phone camera
  2. OMG Finally a reply! I will try the route you mentioned. Thanks SO much! Are you a regular Kuching plane spotter?
  3. very good coverage. hope to see this spanking new bird here in KCH next time
  4. I don't really know the way since it's my first time. Hope KCH spotters can help me...
  5. Hi, people. I'm sure this thread will help people especially for those who are new to spotting in Kuching. So, to all those usual KCH spotters or to anyone who knows the directions to a good spotting location, please post directions to them here. Thank you. Yesterday, I went to the airport to catch a glimpse of the 747 flight to Jeddah but got lost. Eventually, I ended up behind the Air Force Base and I couldn't get a very good view of the runway and the tarmac. Heading to the airport. AirAsia staff in front of us On the road going to Hornbill Skyways and VIP area. Tiger A319 departing. The runway elevation is very high, so only got these... This is the road behind the Air Force Base. End of the road... While leaving the area saw this rotating] This is the highest point i can get on foot. There's a rainbow What's this for? Looks abandoned Runway 07 lights.. Caught a glimpse of the B744 tail... And AK rotating...
  6. Mizi, any idea what time depart?
  7. as much as i would love it to be held in KCH, but i must agree that it is not a suitable location. KCH HAS traffic, it's not that slow, just moderate but the type of traffic and spotting location is an issue. we have very few airlines serving KCH here and mostly we get AK, MH, TR and maybe BI. so sadly, a no for KCH this year
  8. The ground crew didn't push the aircraft out far enough?
  9. haha. the pilot not happy cause AirAsia don use aerobridge. so he not happy and decided to ram the aerobridge
  10. is it possible to track flights to/from Kuching airport?
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