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  1. The two Awan Inspirasi EC225 have been ferried to Manila as far as I know.
  2. With TUDM performing their weapons validation program in Sabah, it was only a mater of time before the jets, CN235 and C130 stopped by Miri even if it was just for a flypast. Here's TARING05 Combine on 31st July performing a low fly past over runway 02. [/url]
  3. 9M-AJW has now been assigned to be with BKI hub and therefore more chances to catch her in the new special livery when she comes to operate the daily MYY flight. [/url]
  4. That's right. Which is unfortunate, because we do get some rare action here in Miri once in awhile such as US Army aircraft and some private jets.
  5. Some recent shots to revive the thread.. 9MRAC[/url] otterand73 MWEnighttaxi AQH AQF1 AJNrotate
  6. Had a short trip back to KCH recently and visited some colleagues at the airport, took some shots whilst I was there. MSEwtmk[/url] AQS1 AHSrotate2 AQO2 9MRAP
  7. Many thanks for the coverage, KS! I wonder what they do with the spotters' photos on display after the event..
  8. 9M-AJE featuring a newly launched livery in collaboration with UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) which is the second local Malaysian university to collaborate with AirAsia and have its own special livery on one of the airline's aircraft. Original photo credits to Mr Walter Asa with editing by yours truly. [/url]
  9. There's actually a few! But I don't think they are here on MWings.
  10. Reviving the Miri thread after 2 years.. MAB's sole Negaraku 737 coming in from KCH. [/url] And a special visitor, N81118 off to Subang.
  11. And a pleasant upgrade today, Saudia sent their Queen. [/url]
  12. A7-AGC on the second last day of A346 service into KUL. The same aircraft operated the final one today. Video of the final arrival today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_pzuvk4BNY
  13. Any idea why? The passenger load has been consistently healthy.
  14. It's been awhile since this thread's saw some action so here I am closing 2018 Kuching's thread, posting on behalf of my fellow Kuching spotting colleague, Mr Walter Asa. In this final celebration of the year, we welcome back an old friend after many years, that is Royal Brunei Airlines. Royal Brunei Airlines has recently re-launched its Bandar Seri Begawan-Kuching route and this has been seen as a welcome move by the Sarawak State Tourism Board and its Bruneian counterpart with the airline offering some pretty good deals to destinations as far as London from Kuching via BWN. A small ceremony was held in Brunei prior to departure with a celebration held in KCH the next day at the Riverside Hotel. As fitting as it may, the aircraft performing the first flight was V8-RBD, a brand new Airbus A320neo painted in the "Brunei Tourism" livery. The flight departed from BWN early at 10.32pm and arrived early one hour later into KCH at 11.32pm on a wet runway 25 and docked at gate 7. The total POB on the flight was 151. The bright red beacon with a slower pulse rate than the usual older A320s distinguishing an A320neo as the aircraft approaches the gate. 1 Chocks on. Welcome back to Kuching, RBA! Ground handling by Aerodarat and catering by MAS Awana. A closer look at the number 1 CFM LEAP-1A engine powering the aircraft. Happy crew onboard. Cheers and here's to hoping they last a long time in KCH!
  15. Caught AK's newly repainted bird yesterday. Must say it really does look good. [/url]
  16. Will be flying in from Avalon. The 747 is expected to be N493MC operated by Atlas Air. I'm guessing it's configured when necessary. Just using an old 55-300mm lah heheh.
  17. Really? I must be really lucky then! Is there a physical difference or a way to tell if it's in a non normal configuration?
  18. Day 1 of rehearsals. All the jets come out to warm their engines first while waiting for the choppers to finish their display. M4031[/url] Followed by the Nuri and the EC725 performing some aerial sniping. M23293 And the jets are up and about! The Hawk and one of the Hornets rejoining with the A400M callsign BOWSER01 for an air to air refueling demo. Breaking off for a teardrop entry for runway 07 landing.
  19. Actually edited these for my Instagram story Open Day highlight but guess I'll just insert them here while I work on the actual day pictures. I'm still halfway through the rehearsal pictures.
  20. A little teaser for the Open Day...stay tuned! [/url]
  21. A little preview of what to expect on Saturday. Day One of rehearsals. DSC_0795 DSC_0826 DSC_0899 DSC_0921
  22. Thank you Gio for the welcoming shot. The aircraft involved in the static display and airshow will begin arriving tomorrow morning in stages. They will be having daily practice runs till the Open Day.
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