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  1. MYY should be the main base due to its strategic location being the centre of Borneo.
  2. When the wing design is excellent you fon't need winglet
  3. Nope. She went to KCH for Sarawak CM funeral.
  4. Come tomorrow it is still Malaysia Airlines minus System.
  5. It doesn't matter how you get there as long as you get there safely.
  6. Military radar works on radar return but atc radar is transponder based. So if the transponder signal is lost atc radar won't be able to pickup the return from the plane but military radar scan everything that is flying.
  7. You will be suprised when ak launch kch/kbr flight.
  8. Gentlemen with regards boarding using aerobridge or stairs it doesn't matter which one is faster if the passenger don't listen to the announcement given by the ground staff. How many times you see people actually follow the instruction given by the staff? Most of the times once boarding is announced everybody rushed to get into into the aeroplane not for the seat but for the overhead compartment to keep their bags which most of us never tend to follow the ruling anyway.
  9. Guys, put politics aside. With ILS it will be much easier for the pilots to make an approach an landing into KKIA. In bad weather the more help they can get is better.
  10. Gentlemen an aircraft is an aircraft no matter what it is. Jet has their plus things but so do turboprop. Look at it from business point of view. Jet consume more fuel than turboprop so for short sector and low yield turboprop wins but on longer sector with the speed and capacity jet wins. Some airport in borneo couldn't accept jet due to limitations but all airport in malaysia can accept turboprop without limitations. Things to ponder.
  11. Hi guys. Just shown the new A380 to my 10 year old son and guess what he said. "wah so ugly not enough colour on the aircraft so white easy to get very dirty."
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