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  1. Hello all, From my sources at Boeing, the first new build B738 is due to roll out at Renton on 22 June with first flight planned at the end of the month. Delivery date still showing as TBD. This one will be 9M-MLF 737-8FZ msn 29657. It's one of the ones that was originally destined for Delta Air Lines but is being sold to Babcock & Brown at delivery and leased to MAS.
  2. Hi, thanks a lot for the info! If you receive any heads-up for when MLD/E will be ferrying to Malaysia from where ever they are I would certainly appreciate it. Just to add to your info on 9M-MLF, I can fill in some details there. MSN will be 29657 and it's one of the Delta Air Lines order that isn't being taken up and sold at delivery. Babcock & Brown Asset Management are buying it from them and are leasing it to MAS. I have access to the Boeing new build data and delivery schedules up to around 6 weeks in advance so as soon as I see some dates I'll post them here for you all.
  3. I thought they may have been MLD and MLE as well, but these 2 registrations used to be on older 737s at one time. Does MAS re-use registrations then? By the way, I may have been premature about their delivery to MAS already. They've certainly been registered in Malaysia, but I don't think the aircraft have arrived yet (from the US?). I'm not sure where they've been stored but I'm guessing somewhere in the US as they both had US registrations previously, but I've not seen any MAS flights on the trackers coming through the Pacific islands. Someone here must know their status? What about that M Radzi guy?
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know what the registrations are for the 2x new additions to the MAS fleet last week? They received 737-8FH msn 35105 on May 25, and 737-8GQ msn 35793 on May 20, but I can't find the Malaysian registrations for them anywhere. Does anyone have any contacts at MAS to find them out for us? Thanks! Rob
  5. Hi Nick, Thanks! I listen from the UK so I'm not familiar with the callsigns of many of the smaller operators (non-intl) in that part of the world. Would this be an ATR type then? Rather unusual to hear prop aircraft on HF. I would appreciate the REG for this particular flight - what makes you think it was possibly/probably 9M-MWJ ? Thanks! PS. Love your signature image - very funny. Could do with something like that for some of the UK ISPs as well!
  6. Hello all, After the success above, can I ask you guys to help me identify another one? This one was noted at 0110z on 24 Apr, heading from the Malaysia mainland to Kota Kinabalu at FL250. Callsign sounds like 'Massing 5411' ?? I've uploaded the audio to sendspace.com and you can hear it here - http://www.sendspace.com/file/rxla9z Any ideas what the actual callsign is and who the airline/operator is please? Thanks!
  7. The clue was in my original post - "liveatc.net".
  8. OK guys thanks. But what airline uses that callsign? I can't find any info on that one. And what type is it likely to be? If anyone can provide the registration for it that would be even better!
  9. Hello all, I was listening to some 8942 KHz (Singapore/Manila) archives on liveatc.net and stumbled across this flight routing from 'somewhere' (KUL/SIN area) to Kuching at FL150. I can't identify the callsign, can anyone help? Sounds like Ekkar or Sekkar to me. It's between 12:59 and 14:00 on this link - http://archive-server.liveatc.net/hf/HF-DU-8942-Apr-06-2010-1300Z.mp3 Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Would any KUL spotters be able to log me the REG for Transmile flight TSE327 from Labuan in a few hours please? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Hello all Does anyone know if the Malaysia Police Beech 300 fly with fixed callsigns or do they change? I have heard Police 12B and Police 12C on separate occasions and had assumed they were 9M-PTB and 9M-PTC respectively, but someone told me that 12C was actually 9M-PTA on the day in question... Anyone have any intel please?
  12. Whilst on the topic of Transmile planes, does anyone know what the current status and whereabouts of B732 9M-PMM is? 9M-PML is flying, 9M-PMW is in Subang hangar, but where is 9M-PMM ???
  13. Hello all, A bit of a long shot given the time of day (night), but would anyone be able to get me the registration of todays CES545 flight PVG-SIN please? It's due to arrive in 1 hour at 2250 local. I believe it is an A300-600 today. It goes back the other way leaving at 0055 local as CES544. I would really appreciate it if someone could get me the REG of it if able. Thanks, Rob UK
  14. Hi again, Thanks everyone for the info on this!
  15. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your replies! Raj, I think that B732 will be 9M-PML (Gading Sari titles)? I've heard the selcal code for that one a couple of times this month on 8942. Mir, do you know how long it's been back as 9M-TGE with Transmile titles? Thanks.
  16. Hello all, Does anyone know if Transmile have recently received their old B722 9M-TGE back from Megantara Air (PK-TMA) ? The reason I ask is that I heard flight TSE326 on 20 Feb using selcal code JK-BE which belonged to 9M-TGE before it left the fleet. Do any of you chaps have any info please? I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Rob UK
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