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  1. Hi all, Do any of you guys know what the current status of 9M-TGE is please? I had it as currently in service with Transmile, but I read elsewhere that it's currently registered as PK-TKA and flying for someone else these days?? Also, does anyone know what the ICAO24 transponder hex code is for it? (mode S) Thanks. Rob
  2. 9M-MXA 737-8H6 40128/3421 is now showing in the system at Boeing : First flight planned for 29 Sep. Delivery planned for 29 Oct.
  3. Next one due is 9M-MLG B737-8FZ 31779/3395 Delta Air Lines (NTU), sold to Babcock & Brown at delivery, leased to Malaysian Airlines. Planned delivery date of 22 September now loaded in the system at Boeing.
  4. Heads up SIN if anyone is about, although no doubt it's dark there now. Just heard on HF "China Hainan 7935" approaching position ENREP. Flightstats says he's routing Dalian-Hefei-Singapore, ETA 2340. Expect it on the ground at SIN around 2315-2345 tonight. The selcal code I heard for it should make it B738 B-5405. If anyone eyeballs it can you confirm for me pls? Good luck!
  5. Hoe Jyh, thanks a lot for the info on the Mandala!
  6. I don't think the 3C-EGE came from across the Pacific as I heard it on HF between the Middle East and India late UTC on 24 Aug. Was indeed a nice catch for me too! Anyway, on a different note, did anyone happen to see the Mandala at SIN on 22 Aug (Sunday)? Would have departed SIN mid to late afternoon, local time. It was MDL809 SIN-BPN. I am trying to find out the REG if anyone knows it please?
  7. Some more new B738s on their way soon. Next one is 9M-MLG (31779/3395) due to deliver next month. Then 9M-MLH (31723) and 9M-MLI (31793). All 3 are ex Delta Air Lines sold to Babcock & Brown and leased to MAS. Anyone know what's happening with 9M-MLF ? Delivered over a month ago but no sign of it in service according to Libhomeradar site.
  8. Hi MIR, For your info, 00-9001 arrived from Andersen and was (apparently) enroute to Bangladesh. Callsign was "LEON 78". I picked it up on HF out of Andersen early hours of 19th (utc).
  9. Ok thanks. Did no-one see these depart/arrive then? Or is spotting these about as interesting as watching grass grow for you guys?
  10. Hi Razdi, thanks! I know that the BBJ uses SEL/ALGP so that particular acft didn't feature this time and it must have been others involved. Hopefully someone on here will have the REG details for them.
  11. Hello all, I was listening to the HF traffic over the South China Sea recently (SIN & MNL 8942KHz) and heard "Perdana 1" on 21 July in the evening, local time. Flight said they were enroute from Subang to Miri and the selcal code given (JSAB) tied up to A319X 9M-NAA. Nexy day (22 July) I picked up "Perdana 2" at 1851 local on HF but the flight was unreadable but I got a selcal code CFBL. I can't find any registration for this code and nor can I find a registration for the flight either. Can anyone help? I saw on jetphotos.net pictures that Fokker 28 M28-01 has used this callsign in the past, but is this a fixed callsign for this aircraft or is it used on other aircraft too? Thanks for any help. Rob Also, a few minutes later I heard Putra 03 Position OLKIT 1058Z FL380 TERIX 1115 LUSMO, selcal FQHL. This routing is from Borneo back to the 'mainland' Malaysia. Any ideas on aircraft type and registration for this one please? Thanks
  12. Radzi, she entered service on July 20 on MH782 to Bangkok.
  13. Sorry, my ATC source at Guam was on his days off so I was having to rely on a HF listener to pick it up on the air, but I have been working since and unable to relay the info until now. It should have been on the trackers from the start though, as the old MAS94/95 flight to LAX always showed on flightaware just fine, so why this one didn't appear is a mystery unless the pilots didn't file the flight plan correctly. We'll have to see what happens with the next one.
  14. In reply to Sri. Ramani K (via PM) and others: MAS5403 departed PTPN at 0400z on 23 July to Guam and then departed around 2230z on 23 July for WMKK direct, again as MAS5403. Rough calculation with time offsets factored in means it should have arrived KUL early afternoon on 24th local time.
  15. Hi, no I have nothing to do with that website nor any other website.
  16. It's flight planned to GUAM from Pohnpei, not Malaysia. That's why it doesn't make sense. The usual routing across the Pacific for 737s is 3 stops: Hawaii (HNL usually), Marshall Is. (Majuro), Mariana Is. (Guam or Saipan). If the winds are favourable sometimes they miss out Majuro and for the Lion Air's, they go straight to Biak from Majuro, but everything else is a 3 stop so that's why it going to Pohnpei and then Guam, instead of Majuro and then Guam makes it a very oddball routing.
  17. 9M-MLF is making good progress and I have just found out it is at Pohnpei airfield as I write. A rather odd choice for a stop-over! I've been tracking 737 deliveries since 2004 and I've never known one land there . It has a flight plan filed to depart at 0200z on 23rd for Guam, which is only a short hop away.
  18. Hi. I heard it on HF off the west coast and he gave an ETA for Honolulu so he's stopped there. From there they usually go to Majuro and then to either Guam or Saipan. It will probably do KUL non-stop from Guam/Saipan. I've got a contact at Guam ATC so I'll see if I can get an ETA for KUL when it files the flight plan. Depends whether he's working that day or not, so I'm not promising anything
  19. 9M-MLF is on its way to Hawaii as I write, flying as MAS5403. For some strange reason it's not showing on flightaware.com whereas other MAS flights so (the old 94/95 flight for example).
  20. There seems to be unfavourable weather between BFI and Hawaii which is further delaying the ferry flight. There is also an China Eastern 737, Air China 737 and Hainan 737 all waiting to leave for Hawaii so the weather must be pretty crappy.
  21. Hello all, 9M-MLF delivered to MAS on Jul-19 at Boeing Field. It is due to leave today for Malaysia.
  22. For anyone interested, the 9M-MX_ series will feature the new Boeing Sky Interior. Malaysian will take the second aircraft fitted with the new interior (9M-MXA), the first aircraft will be going to FlyDubai as A6-FDJ.
  23. 9M-MLF is now painted (standard scheme) and on the flightline at BFI. Unable to get any pics of it because of where it is but will have some when it does its acceptance flight next week.
  24. 9M-MLF isn't painted yet that's why there's no pics. Should have some this coming week. It's due to deliver on 16 July so assuming there's no delays it will probably depart BFI on 17 July for Hawaii.
  25. Hello all, I don't have access to the info on interior config, only the airframe production side of things. For details of all first flights and delivery flights for RNT, BFI and PAE you can bookmark this site : http://boeing-test-flights.blogspot.com/
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