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  1. @RobK...LRD is parked opposite gate B6 at KLIA with her engines covered over and LRF alongside with her engines uncovered. Such a waste!


    900ER -LNL which had several fuselage and flap assembly pieces missing is no longer parked opposite B2, not sure where she's been moved too, but she's definitely not active.


    Thanks Tomper. I see 9M-LRF ferried over to Subang this morning. Storage or prep for JT?

  2. Wow! :lol: What the heck is going on ?! That's the 3rd change in the space of just over a week! Seeing as it's now got Lion titles I'm expecting the tail to be stripped of the Batik pattern and get the normal Lion Air treatment, although that doesn't explain why they bothered with the Batik Indonesia titles and changed from the Malaysian to the Indonesian flag prior to fly-away.


    Jahur, please keep us updated sir.

  3. The Batk Indonesia oddball PK-LQJ flew across the ocean to HNL and is currently at Guam, which is odd as they usually use Pohnpei.


    @ Radzi, are the cost savings from using the island route enough to offset the extra fuel cost? The distance is considerably longer and the Alaska route is renowned for strong westbound headwinds for much of the year too :







  4. Interesting developments over at BFI :




    I've heard from one of my sources that the titles have been removed and it now sports Batik Indonesia titles instead. Hopefully some pics from the spotters will be forthcoming soon.


    It's interesting because Batik Indonesia and Lion Air don't share registration sequences and as PK-LQF is already in full Lion Air cs and the next two Maxes PK-LQH and PK-LQG have both been seen at RNT with evidence of Lion Air cs on their rudders, does this mean that LQJ is going to be an oddball in the sequence for Batik or is something else afoot here? Could Lion Air be rebranding as Batik Indonesia perhaps ?




    I wonder why the winglet logo is of Lion instead of Batik.


    Probably because it was originally due to go to Lion Air and the winglets had already been painted. Lion Group are known for swapping them around at the late stages of production. The yellow rudder is the base colour for Batik Malaysia before the pattern 'wrap' is applied over the top. It's also flying with a Malaysian hex code as well, fyi.

  6. What's wrong with painting at engine cowlings? not complete one.


    All the Max frames are having their cowlings removed and repainted as there is an issue with the paint quality.


    Moving on, Malindo's 2nd Max is now painted and flew today wearing 9M-LRD. Tyke has a pic on his blog site (due credit) : https://tykesaeroblog.blogspot.com/2017/05/batik-air-malaysia-9m-lrd-first-pic.html


    And Malindo #3 flew today, but still unpainted : https://tykesaeroblog.blogspot.com/2017/05/batik-air-malaysia-737-8-9m-lre-pic.html


    Note that this one is going to Malindo and not Lion Air nor Thai Lion Air as reported on other websites.


    Lion Air's first -8 Max was snapped today too, being moved from the west stalls at Renton into the back compound : https://tykesaeroblog.blogspot.com/2017/05/lion-air-737-8-max-pk-first-pic.html

  7. Greetings gentlemen. Just seen on Flickr that 9M-LRC has now made an appearance fully painted up at RNT. Rumoured to be ln 5948 but not confirmed yet.


    Click for full size.


    33288953392_7cdfc7d148.jpgBoeing 737 MAX 8 Batik Air Malaysia 9M-LRC by Huy Do, on Flickr



    By the way, the other one at the top of this thread is still parked in the same location sans reg. So there are now 2 fully painted. The other 2 -8s are parked on the west side of the runway - one is all white and other is all white with a yellow rudder.

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