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  1. I wanna go into that weather station and ask them what the hell are we doing there that is causing a problem to them !

    Morons !


    I think our (jokers and non jokers) presence at WX can cause the temperature to rise so the weather men may be giving false weather readings to whoever. That's why I think they had been releasing weather baloons to get the correct temperature readings.


    Just my kampung sense though.

  2. Please correct me if I am wrong. The Nuri is based on the S61 Sikorsky helicopter which is normally called Sea King elsewhere. From its name it is normally used at sea for ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) and SAR (Search and rescue). From what I read only the Malaysian, Danish and Egyptian armed forces use them as troop transporters.


    During the Falklands war the British army brought along their Westland Sea King primarily for ASW and SAR. Their troop transport helicopters were the Chinooks. But many of the Chinooks were destroyed by the Argentines leaving the British with no choice but to use the Sea Kings as transporters like what the Malaysian armed forces had been doing. The Brits won the war, didn't they?

  3. Guys, the picture of Kwek applying the sun tan taken by Emperor Jonathan is easily the best post in this thread. But if you all go back to the beginning you'll see that I was the first person to post Kwek's photo (post No. 12 - sorry for the quality, using my Sony Digicam). So I deserve credit too.


    From the moment I met Kwek I know he is a hilarous person, God bless him!

  4. Shots taken on 26th April 2007 - Agong's Installation holiday.


    For Malaysia it is 50 years of Independence..



    For Hong Kong, 10 years of Special Administrative Region (thanks Sneeze for the info)...


    So this is the the CX plane for spotters to spot


    But for Asia it is 20 million guests



    Figures 50 and 10 together



    Thai 330 leaving



    Maskargo 747 rotates



    Qatar 300



    Very early rotation for this Sri Lankan 330



    Myanmar MD-80



    Amazing Alpha Foxtrot Pieter



    Early rotation too for this 3M Gulfstream (thanks for Norman for the info)



    No need to clarify on this AFM



    Weather men letting go a weather baloon from the weather station, the red one it is.



    PFA Player and Young Player of the year Ronaldo, Fletcher, Rooney and Rio Ferdinand with hair




  5. I went to the weather station yesterday. Made a stop at the pond first to catch some arrivals. Since they all touched down at 14L I post their photos here.


    Thai 330 in new colours.



    Cathay, also 330



    AK's Amazing 320



    50 years of Independence




    Myanmar MD-80?



    Is this a Lear? Where from?



    Qatar 300



    Just near the ERL bridge caught this Sri Lankan 330 belly.



    14R next

  6. Just a layman's idea. Now that we are having a plane to repaint why not paint it in special colours, not like Hibiscus or Heliconia, but for VMY07 or 50 years of Merdeka. Then we spotters have something to look forward too other than the barge, Star Alliance, Sari girl....

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