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  1. Everything is under control in the cockpit. If you want to say a prayer, that might help too. I dont understand what is so not reassuring about this statement. Everything is under control ( what is there not to understand about under control) the prayer statement it seems to be casual. Whats wrong with that? Aka in a football game ::we are hoping to get a win if you want to say a prayer that might help too. Just because some are atheist doesnt mean others cant pray, goodness
  2. SV choong thats bcos they had the fuel to circle and hoping weather will improve
  3. Refer to capt radzi s post. That pretty much sums it up. Before you shoot the pilot, atc does make mistakes too. Anyway even its the wrong flight plan, its not that difficult to re route inflight.
  4. Unbelievable and this actually makes news. Must be a dry day for the news fellas
  5. That very airport caused planes to circle and waste fuel
  6. Overweight landing is not a big deal as it sounds to be. Consequence is engineering will have to go thru an overweight landing check thereafter which may take time. When fuel price was high, some carriers actually prefer to have overweight landing than fuel dump.
  7. Seems like a recent trend to open aircraft doors. Dangerous but funny at the same time. Btw not to worry mate doors cant be opened inflight
  8. Btw are allaax 330 not fitted with fuel jettison system?
  9. Whats this got to do with aax turn back? Fyi back then there were less aircraft in the sky. Back then there were less atc restrictions. Back then pilots might be less fatigue, back then the trip to airport were less stressful back then fuel was cheaper no environmental concern bull.
  10. Kenneth it must be a aircraft training session touch and go.
  11. Then again this is from un named senior gov officials reported by cnn. Hmmm dont trust 100% these news. If its true pls publish the name of the gov official
  12. Why the obsession with scrambling jets to intercept? Do not expect jets to be scrambled every time there a UFO ok. Its peace time, gosh too much hollywood
  13. At least our cowboys didnt put KL wrongly on the mal like CNN or done rubbish theories like daily mail. What they did was pretty simple release only verified details. The rest are made up of journalist imagination.
  14. Yes doubts in everyones mind incl investigators. Dont have to ask too many questions as once the investigation is complete we will all know. Me thinkd u kinda hard on hishamuddin. Malaysia obviously lead the investigation. On what basis do you say no onr is respondible nor leading? What i see is hishamuddin did what he could, contacting and getting whatever help there is thats why the multinational search. What he released to the press he had released leads that are worth to pursue and credible data. Pls do not simply lisyen to what the press are bashing about. The press wanted info, but there was none so what could the minister do? Do you want your minister to give rumours like daily mail?
  15. Lithium batt can cause fire yes but not fly the plane to the indian ocean. And no if it burns aircraft systems it still cant key in the fms nor set the MCP. So what the relevance of lithium?
  16. How about different modes of transponder? TA, alt, TARA? Come on you cant just bcos of this to make the whole system change, sounds like limiting all car max speed to 90 km/h
  17. Waiping, on 13 Mar 2014 - 10:41 PM, said: In the Helios incident jets were scrambled to intercept the jetliner after they failed to make contact, and I believe the jets were armed to shot if necessary. Am just wondering if another Helios happens around this region, would any country (ASEAN countries) scramble their jets and shot the plane down, or wait for it to fall to the ground. Either way this is an embarrassing incident for the RMAF since they let an UFO passed just like this without scrambling their jets. For 4-5 hours, they were doing nothing! I am just wondering though. IF, let's say, if somebody had stolen MRO... Will the engines broadcast the messages to Boeing and RR if she is flying again? Or will the engines broadcast the messages again if it is fitted onto another 777-200ER? Will Boeing or RR be able to identify these are the engines from The stolen jet, MRO? Edited by S V Choong, Today, 09:57 PM. Theres actually quite a bit of unidentified flying object around,and the military detects a lot of flying object in its primary radar. That includes flying club and airliners as long as its an object in the sky. These are unidentified cos its a primary radar with no aircraft ident. Do you seriously expect rmaf to scramble jets everytime theres a UFO? Then i ll bet you ll say its a waste of tax money. Jets are scrambled when its considered hostile ( of cos with prior intelligence).
  18. Kee when decomp happens especially over that area where terrain are higher than 10000 ft that explains why the use of oxygen mask of 2 hours. To divert to ist or ath, well we dont know the performance of the aircraft then. Btw ath and ist is a bit far to go eh, remember lower levels burns more
  19. Thanks, just wonder is it the fuel jettison effect or what
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