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  1. http://www.theedgemarkets.com/en/node/192786#.VRpz0kyJumQ.twitter He is serious about this?
  2. HKG is as old as KUL, yes still looks modern and new. KUL looks old already...
  3. HKIA is as old as KLIA, but still it looks modern and astonishing unlike KLIA1
  4. I think it's because the domestic and international flight share the same gate at MTB. Last time when I flew to HK, the flight got delayed. So there's another domestic flight at the gate, and the domestic passengers were allowed into the gate before we got into our flight. One domestic bound passenger had mistakenly boarded our HK bound flight. Looks like things like this happened often.
  5. Yes, I want to see the photos so bad.
  6. I asked for a trade visitor pass, and was given a exhibitor pass. No rm50 fees.
  7. One question, do i need to represent any organization to enable me to apply for a Trade Visitor pass?
  8. KLIA2-LCCT position is already different from the original plan.
  9. I know some USM researchers who are developing a UAV Drone- from scratch. It can be used to protect our borders, just like what the US Customs and Border Protection use. Sadly, USM management don't want to spend more money for their research. It's very potential though, the way I see it. They have a very skilled team. The only solutions to our very porous border.
  10. I know LIMA is not all about Air Show. But seems the conference and seminar are only for delegates- I'm talking about USD500++ fees. Can a public like myself attend any talk, regarding maritime/aviation industries? I'm hope there will be one.
  11. MAS takes 100th A380 delivery tomorrow. Anyone know what time exactly will this aircraft land.
  12. In-Flight entertainment at every seat? "Low-cost" taken to the next level, a slap in the face for AA. But can they survive?
  13. Just bought a coach ticket to Kuala Perlis 26th March. No return date, accommodation yet. Hope to meet another "Pro" MWingers, although I'm just a novice Anyone can recommend a a good place to stay?
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