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  1. today... TG departed for test flight! syok o! just wanna express my excitement here before i post photos.
  2. syok o... if thai departs on the same damn blue sky... SYOK 2 d MAX!
  3. just found out VT-JEJ is arriving this morning at 0700 hrs from yindia... but i'm not going to shoot cause i just arrived home from nite shift!
  4. wakakakaka. glad you manage to took the Spice Jet. Very rare. to those who miss this, SJ will come again in 2 weeks. get your gear ready!
  5. congrats on the promotion TK. next time i request jump seat to KCH-KUL must approve o. kekeke.
  6. Ian: Our bird looks new? MIR: SAAB? Subang Airport?
  7. just went at SZB airport yesterday! Quiet and unexpected!
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