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  1. its parked at where the AN-124 used to be.. and when i was shooting this... they didn't seems to bother at all
  2. Guess who else decided to show up..... Las vegas sand 747SP! And antanov is here more than 24 hrs! When I coming back from work there is still no movement.
  3. An-124.... and another catch of DHL behind An-124... wonder when is she gonna leave...
  4. I'm not sure. Currently it is still sitting there. Doors are closed and no crew is around
  5. MOD will be done on the livery... they will add on the 1Malaysia logo in front.
  6. any one notice any changes on the fin logo? maybe its just me.. but i think the logo is not "italic" or "aerodynamic" compared to the older logo...
  7. its OO-SFW. going for test flight. belongs to Brussels. came in for C Check. Delivery flight was just now in the afternoon.
  8. Las Vegas Sand's 733 is in town
  9. sorry for the wrong info guys. brussel did not depart on that day due to few documentations. instead of on that evening, it departed on the following morning around 8am
  10. new info guys... there will be NO 3rd 77W of TG. only two TG instead of three...
  11. i am waiting to see the beauty.... 77W of Thai Airways! Who is the person to post first i wonder,,,,
  12. nope. no idea on all the aircraft parked outside... long term parking... guess waiting for buyers..
  13. Raj, the TF-ATZ is still park outside in SZB... along next to ex ANA 744.
  14. seems like KLIA is getting less and less attention since SZB is having all the RARE birds flying
  15. see the nozzle... so small. but the intake... BESAR!
  16. you can look into the subang spotting guide location thread. its very detail. doubt you can get lost.
  17. Raj, there is few 744 in SZB. will check out for you and update you as soon as i found out. Li Ren, guess it could be the case. Keith, i'm quite occupied in this few days. can't join you for spotting.
  18. its not in english? what i saw is in english. maybe some bugs. anyway, what i wrote was, "lots of interesting traffic in SZB now "
  19. lots of intereesting traffics in SZB now.
  20. not blue sky 
  21. wa... uncle norman, youtube already?
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