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  1. Pictures from the Firefly adventure have been posted here - http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=17011
  2. I echo KC and Jerrold: Thanks very much to both of you for your hospitality, Kenneth and Rayner. Fantastic food, airline and of course your company. I have never had that much fun chasing an orange-coloured object!
  3. Already pre-ordered. I hope that you have ordered your share too I saw a long drop down list of food choices while booking online. Rather intrigued how the food offering has been so enhanced near the "end"...
  4. I am very excited about this I am pretty much madly in love with Firefly and their 737s.I look forward to meeting the KCH MWingers on this daylong adventure. See you all soon!
  5. Thanks, Kanehoshi and Quang. Apart from the delicious bahn xeo that we are munching on in the picture, we all shared this delectable treat from North Vietnam: Boy was I surprised what the meat and potato cutlet/meaty begedil actually comprised of - delicious
  6. Fantastic shots you have there, Kanehoshi. I had another great weekend in Ho Chi Minh City. Even the slightly drizzly weather could not get me down! Here is a short sample of some of the action I caught on Saturday. Morning Line-Ups Morning Arrivals Vietnam Airlines - Past and Present 2-in-1 Afternoon Arrivals My happy hosts! Thanks very much for a most excellent aviation adventure, Kanehoshi! 'Til the next time...
  7. I have been dreaming of this idea too. Would be great if both airlines could repaint the same aircraft type - either the 777-200 or A330-300 - or both types!
  8. Hi Mr Nguyen! Thanks for your note. Nice to meet you here after meeting you at Cafe Diem Hen last month! Vernon
  9. Those are beautiful pictures of the AZ 777 fly-by, TTT and Hoe Jyh. I notice a tiny fan-like structure protruding from the belly of the aircraft.
  10. Thanks, Hoe Jyh. A few more pictures to be posted tomorrow. I reached my quota for today!
  11. Season's Greetings to one and all. This long weekend has given me a great opportunity to edit my pictures and now I can share these treasures from my recent trip to Vietnam with you. It was a great opportunity for me to photograph almost the entire VN fleet - I understand that the Fokker 70s are based in Hanoi and unfortunately for me none of them made a guest appearance when I was there. Here is every fleet type from the tiniest to the largest fleet. Can't say that I have gotten enough of these classy VN colours! It is one of my favourite colour schemes around today. And my jaw-dropped as I saw this TU-134 being towed around as the VN A321 I was flying on taxied by the hangar: I think the last picture captures the tremendous growth and progress that Vietnam Airlines has made in this past decade alone. Please bear with me as there is more to come... Here is the "other" Vietnamese carrier - Jetstar Pacific! SGN is the land of ATR-72s - check out the different colours of this reliable prop that fly in and out of SGN: There is a quite a bit of traffic between SGN and SIN. SQ and TR each fly up to 3 flights a day, while 3K, VN and JT each fly 1 flight a day: Coming close (or maybe even surpassing) that could be the traffic between Vietnam and Taiwan as seen in these interesting Taiwanese visitors: That Embraer Jet is so beautiful that I have to upload an additional picture of it! And this was another surprise for me - Viva Macau! SGN gets its 747s too - courtesy of Air France and the freighters of China Airlines and Korean Air.
  12. I discovered A330 and ATR-72 heaven in SGN, courtesy of Kanehoshi-san. I developed some new skills in the process - climbing, leaping and balancing - just to get to the right spot. I can still feel the roar - and the majesty - of the airliners approaching SGN. Here are my versions of the 2 pictures: Kanehoshi-san in action: Thank you very much for showing me around SGN, Kanehoshi-san!!!
  13. But alas, I am addicted to the REAL KonLoMee too. See you again soon!
  14. Wow, more Skyteam to come - this time to the tiny red dot. Just as I am recovering from this one taken last Saturday. A big thanks to Chaity and Yong for their kind hospitality last Saturday. I could get seriously addicted to this.
  15. Hi everyone, I am "Kok Chwee's friend". I love all your action pictures. This is a little outdated by now but just in case you did not manage to catch some of these over Facebook, here are pictures of some more of all that great action at KUL. I have never been so entertained beside any runway in my life! Thank you all for the good show. It was a great start to my visit when we pulled at the gate beside this beauty with long fingernails Lots of *bling* at KUL A perfect mascot for the classic Kuala Lumpur-Singapore route. Finally saw this baby not once but three times!! Thank you for your MH. I hope to see you all again soon - after both my thighs recover from all those tough ducking drills.
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