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  1. Hi Azahan, sometimes it's better this way....haha. ........ Looking forward to more pictures please!
  2. Wait a minute, you actually drove your own vehicle into the airside?
  3. Last of SQ A345. 9V-SGE. At rest after completing the EWR-SIN for the last time on 26 Nov 2013 - no longer the world's longest commercial flight.
  4. Did someone say Swifts too???
  5. Where is the C-17? I hope it's not cancelled.
  6. Japan for sure. My source says that they are deciding on a couple of stops for the Asian Swing.......drum roll (i) Bangkok or ChiangMai and (ii) Beijing or Singapore....
  7. Rare catch of the C-5 Galaxy in this part of the world.
  8. Nice Dugong nose :-) Did u enjoy the T1 view mall? BTW you were over Johor when you took the overview picture. That's Seletar Airport at the centre bottom third of the pix.
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