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  1. Agreed. I have never met any of you in this forum (except Sofian, he is a friend of mine). But from the opinions and the thoughts from majority of us here, I can tell if you are a frequent traveler, airliner, travel agencies, purely interest in airlines with or without background, or simply say it out loud without thinking the consequences (read: keyboard warrior) and many more. Takkan nak suruh Captain Izham datang kat you say I am sorry and upgrade you to 1st Class for your next many2 zillions flight on MH? Idts. Level of maturity is also plays a major part in this forum. Hope the moderator will do something. From my point of view as an airliner, his opinion is not helping at all. Having a background as a law practitioner does not mean you are all right to the extent bashing other people personal. I am sorry. It was too childish. Lets come back to the topic. To certain extent, "komen yang murni2" is still applicable in our society.
  2. More info on 332: A332 (A330-200) 06 A332 aircraft will be introduced and expected to enter service effective 01Jul18 in NS2018 as follows:- i) 1st A332 – effective 01Jul18 ii) 2nd A332 – effective 01Aug18 iii) 3rd A332 – effective 01Sep18 iv) 4th A332 – effective 01Oct18 v) 5th A332 – effective 01Nov18 (NW18) vi) 6th A332 – effective 01Dec18 (NW18) The 06 A332 aircraft [bearing registration (9M-MTU/V/W/X/Y/Z)] will be in the configuration of 19J/268Y (total 287).
  3. 332 Ops. Hadamkan MH 078 1234567 01-Oct-18 27-Oct-18 332 3:50 KUL 19:50 HKG 23:40 MH 079 1234567 02-Oct-18 27-Oct-18 332 3:50 HKG 08:45 KUL 12:35 MH 190 1_34567 01-Aug-18 27-Oct-18 332 5:30 KUL 18:50 DEL 21:50 MH 191 1_34567 01-Aug-18 27-Oct-18 332 5:25 DEL 23:00 KUL 06:55 MH 196 1234567 01-Jul-18 27-Oct-18 332 3:55 KUL 23:10 DAC 01:05 MH 197 1234567 02-Jul-18 27-Oct-18 332 3:55 DAC 02:05 KUL 08:00 MH 376 1234567 01-Jul-18 27-Oct-18 332 4:10 KUL 09:00 CAN 13:10 MH 377 1234567 01-Jul-18 27-Oct-18 332 4:05 CAN 14:35 KUL 18:40 MH 386 1234567 01-Sep-18 27-Oct-18 332 5:30 KUL 19:50 |PVG 01:20 MH 387 1234567 02-Sep-18 27-Oct-18 332 5:50 PVG 02:25 KUL 08:15 MH 714 1234567 01-Aug-18 27-Oct-18 332 3:10 DPS 12:55 KUL 16:05 MH 715 1234567 01-Aug-18 27-Oct-18 332 3:05 KUL 09:00 DPS 12:05
  4. 1. MH connecting pax contributed only 45-50% from total pax, compare to QR for an e.g, up to 90% 2. Malaysia itself is a destination, compare to Qatar for e.g. mostly as a transit point. MH is focusing on MY pax to/from as having the advantage being the non-stop carier. 3. However, MH also facing fierce competition from much lower cost per seat carriers, AK/D7 and perhaps OD 4. MH wants to compete with the other boys as a feeder for kangaroo route for an e.g. but cost per seat is still not as low as EK (again for an e.g) 5. Rebuilding network from intra-Asia focus is necessary and the best way to go, rather than introducing new long-haul destinations (e.g. EUR) as the current financial situation doesnt permit MH to do so. Im sure you know it wouldnt be profitable in the 1st year of launching any new destinations, worse if longer haul. 6. Thats why there is no EUR destinations to launch in next 3-5years (except AMS which is still not finalized) 7. 2018 is just around the corner, MH is struggling to achieve a lower unit cost and at the same time, it is still essential to build up the network. 8. Help me to understand, how MH to be profitable if MH immediately starting up the long haul destinations for kangaroo route while the current financial situation doesnt permit them to do so, rather than focusing and strengthening the base as an intra-Asia carrier, achieve a lower unit cost, dah strong baru we venture into a longer route? 9. No one was happy with what had happened. But we have to build up a stronger base again in order to move forward. 10. Agreed that MH should focus on longer route, but believe me, the current situation doesnt permit MH to do so.
  5. Like I have mentioned in the different thread, MH is not in the position to plan big, having a grandeur expansion plan and all the big-big thing. MH is realistically not in the position like SQ, EK nor any big boys. Cost control remain as the main objective and you know what, better be sad now than later. Or perhaps you want to be sad forever Precisely. MH is being more realistic than before. Kepala dah kene hantuk multiple times and this kepala hantuk has to come to an end.
  6. If I may share some of the information during the Town hall few weeks ago: Fleet Plan to support the growth: Today: 69 Acft - 48 738, 15 333, 6 388 In 3 years: 75 Acft - 48 738, 15 333, 6 A359, 6 332 In 5 years: 83 Acft - 48 738, 5 LRNB (Long range narrow body), 15 333, 15 NGWB (New-gen wide body) In 10 years: 90-105 Acft - 50 NB (narrow body), 15-25 LRNB, 25-30 NGWB. 50 NB - Acft within 100-190 seat config to serve regional/short haul ops. 15-25 LRNB - Widebody experience on secondary cities & 2nd frequencies 25-30 NGWB - A common versatile acft with 2 config for Business - light/heavy. Potential Destinations 2018/2019: Amsterdam, Brisbane, Jogjakarta, Chengdu, Hangzhou 2020-2022: Tokyo HND, Shenzen, Palembang, Nagoya, Xian 2023-2028: Dubai (or IST or DOH), Pusan, Karachi, Lahore, Trichi, Amritsar, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Kolkata, Potential EUR.
  7. My bet is Arved Nikolaus Von Zur Muehlen. Previously from SVP Commercial Ops of QR, he is now MH CCO. Another white guy (Deutsche to be exact), but IDK. Purely speculation. “They (the board) are looking at some internal candidates but certainly the mood is not to hire another foreigner. “There are enough Malaysians who can do the job, it is a matter of sourcing for the right one. This is a good opportunity to show that Malaysians can do it,” said a source. http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/10/20/malaysia-airlines-board-meets-today/ Yes , it mentioned the mood is not to hire another foreigner http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/08/08/malaysia-airlines-appoints-new-chief-commercial-officer/
  8. nastar

    Peter Bellew

    His full statement: http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/10/18/bellew-explains-why-he-is-leaving-malaysia-airlines-to-return-to-ryanair/
  9. "Owh, 734 is an old aircraft... we should get a new one... owh okay 738. Yikes.. 738 not new enough.. we should get newer... owh okay 73Max. Eh.. 738 ke 73Max ke tak cukup capacity, we should get bigger aircraft.. owh okay 332" "Eh 332 old aircraft lah.. no confident to fly.. we should get newer aircraft.. owh okay 339 Eh 339 nothing new lah. only strengthening wings, structure and new engines.. not as good as 789 or 350. They got better cabin pressure so less air sickness... owh okay we order 789" "Eh 789 order 8 only? Eh 359 order 6 only? Tak cukup la we should order more. Eh mix aircraft 359 & 789? not good business sense la ini MH. High cost to maintain, costly, semua teruk. Eh why make decision so late? Other carrier already use the aircraft. We are just about to order? Ketinggalan zaman Eh Gomen olso campur ka in this? no change la MH since then until now sama no point doing business..." "Beli salah tak beli salah. Buy this aircraft too old buy that aircraft too expensive buy another aircraft too big buy the other aircraft nonsense. My fellow Malaysian & MalaysianWings.Net members, give MH chance to do the business. The current situation is way better than what we had gone through during MAS time. Gomen interference is at minimum level currently. I do understand we are so eager to see MH to flying high again. We want to see and to feel that it worth our money (via Khazanah) to inject MYR6b into MH. We want to see MH to be as good as other carriers. Comments are welcome, ideas are welcome. But we hope whatever ideas and comments would be logical and possible to implement. As an insider, sometimes we could only laugh or sakit hati with some of the comments here. Either you are totally zero knowledge, you just say it out loud without any basis, you are too ambitious, too much influence from the development of other carriers, or you are very logical in giving your opinion, comments and etc. MH is my 5th carrier I work with. Starting with BI, EY, UA, QR, ERL and now MH. Im sure Im not the only MH staff in Mwings here. If I may say, what MH doing now is the most logical decision we have made, based on current situation, compare to the previous management or previous MAS. Not the best nor the most popular decision, but we think the decision made is the best suit with our current situation. We are almost there to be in black and we need to work extra harder.
  10. ** MALAYSIA AIRLINES - TN ** JED JEDDAH.SA 15NOV17 22NOV17 MH 870 1357 SUB 2 KUL M 0900 1240 0 CONNECT KUL 738 MH 150 1357 KUL M JED N 1500 1935 0 29OCT17 23MAR18 333 14:35 From the Amadeus reservation snapshot, look at the outbound flight ex/SUB, arriving KUL at 1240hrs and connect JED at 1500 on day 1,3,5 & 7 Connecting time to JED is 2hours 20min. On the returning, 1day stopover in KUL is required. If u want to have perfect connecting in & out, split timing for SUB ops is required. We know that umrah market ex/Indonesia is HUGE. If the pax want non-stop flight, no transit, no stopover; pay more and they get GA/JT or whoever flies non-stop to JED. But we know that these non-stop flights MAY cater for high-end or more affordable pax and not all paxs are willing/afford to pay to that level. There are also a sizable market that doesn't mind transiting or stopover at one or more point(s). This is normal. At least MH is trying to get a chunk of business in this market. If the market is picking up, daily flight is also possible. same goes to split timing.
  11. The focus for this route is to connect ex/SUB pax to JED flight, thus the early departure timing ex/KUL
  12. Transit train registration should be: T2-05 to T2-08 designated to Transit train (4sets). First train arrived 19Sep16, scheduled into service Mar17.
  13. The current train, manufactured by Siemens Desiro ET 425M, have a life span of 30 years: Current train registration: X1-01 to X1-08 designated to Ekspres train. T1-01 to T1-04 designated to Transit train Current frequency: Ekspres: Every 15 minutes – peak hours: Sun to Fri 06:00-09:00 hrs, 16:00-22:00 hrs Every 20 minutes – off-peak hours: Sun to Fri 05:00-06:00 hrs, 09:00-16:00 hrs, 22:00-00:00 hrs, Sat all day Every 30 minutes – after midnight Transit: Every 20 minutes – peak hours: Mon to Fri 07:00-09:00 hrs, 17:00-19:00 hrs Every 30 minutes – off-peak hours: Other than the above days/time The additional train, manufactured by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Company Limited: New train registration: X2-09 to X2-10 designated to Ekspres train (2sets). First train arriving in March17 X2-05 to X2-08 designated to Transit train (4sets). First train arrived 19Sep16, scheduled into service Mar17. The new train manufactured is totally new train model, built from scratch as CRRC has to follow the current train model operated by ERL. For Ekspres, with 2 additional train, frequencies remain unchanged, which will give more space for train maintenance. For Transit, with 4 additional train,frequencies will be increased to every 15 minutes during peak hours & 20 minutes during non-peak hours. Additional train is crucial as current schedules are very tight. At least one train is scheduled for maintenance and one for standby.
  14. Relax la..... they are trying very hard to get paxs attention to the safety demo. The most important points were clearly highlighted and paxs were paying attention.
  15. Further update on QR for DOH-KUL v.v. routing: Effective 25th Mar 12, DOH-KUL-DOH service will be increased to 17x weekly, from 14x Triple daily will be commenced from Aug12 (as mentioned before) Equipment would be A332/A333. QR623 will be operated on day 1,2,3,5,7 (additional 2 flights - day 2 & 7) 0330 - 0600 QR621 remains unchanged (daily) 1020 - 1250 QR625 will be operated on day 1,3,4,5,6 (additional 1 flight - day 4) 2110 - 2340 Flight to HKT remains unchanged - Daily flight with 2 timing.
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