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  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate your efforts on this. Above is the account linked with my facebook, as I have forgotten my first id (just restored my password) Have a nice day
  2. Well, I guess they are too early to do event before 6am This is my trip OD 1001 Economy OD 1028 Business Economy class snacks Super big windows ! Business Class meals (dinner ) Included : 2 x juices 2 x Towels 1 x snack 1 x tea/coffee 1 x set meal Interior
  3. Yo ! Long time no post 16th Aug 2012 MH7404 KUL-BKI 9M-MTH IMG_4049 by YongJK, on Flickr MH7405 BKI - KUL ( delayed departure !!! ) Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-323X by YongJK, on Flickr MH2621 KUL - BKI @ 18th Aug 2012 9M-MPP IMG_4774 by YongJK, on Flickr N888AU , dari mana ? IMG_4756 by YongJK, on Flickr
  4. The founder is a well known fella in the japanese animation industry If you guys know Jimmy Choo the malaysian shoe maker living in UK, his son is the founder of Mirai Inc. japan. with the aid of jap government, i think leasing one atr isn't a problem. last long or not ? no idea
  5. Damn, who spotted this ah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjvZJQFYB7M&feature=player_embedded#!
  6. storm lai liao all use RWY 20
  7. hahaha , WBSB - WBKK route not even 40minutes man, like 30minutes only
  8. thanks for clarify i thinks its
  9. Can't help, maybe they carrying less than 100 passengers who know hahaha
  10. I noticed something on MXD right side rego, duno what isit , delayed 20 minutes+ upon arrival. Malaysia Airlines 9M-MXD by YongJK, on Flickr 722F have to 180degree turn faster upon landed via RWY 20 Transmile Air Services 9M-TGM by YongJK, on Flickr Big mama taxing to RWY20 Royal Brunei Airlines V8-BLE by YongJK, on Flickr Early rotate Royal Brunei Airlines V8-BLE by YongJK, on Flickr 9M-FZA , FY 734, 2nd day operating Johor Bahru - Kota Kinabalu route FireFly 9M-FZA by YongJK, on Flickr
  11. Walau today damn scary at beach, the strong wave keep hitting the shore... almost kena the fence already... Today got RBA 772ER, 9M-AFK WOW , FY 734 , 2 x Transmile.. Not sure is 9M-MXD came before
  12. not sure , waiping ? Tomorrow I'm going to shoot it , eta arrival like 9am around. Though its 2nd day Hahahaha unable to upgrade already lah
  13. Haha even full frame wont that visible this thread is like air show, so many different airliners and painting
  14. Wah nice B747 shots man. how i wish BKI has 747 :x
  15. night ah ... unable to capture liao
  16. thank you. It's the same old place. just using different style of capturing LOL luckily just now I decided not to go spotting now raining damn big
  17. Thanks, yeah very shiny we cover different place mah ATR ar ? but not 7.30, its DHT This one 6.58am Malaysia Airlines 9M-MWA by YongJK, on Flickr 7.08am Malaysia Airlines 9M-MWI by YongJK, on Flickr 7.32am Malaysia Airlines 9M-MDK by YongJK, on Flickr
  18. Thanks, i'm learning to get better hit rate for panning... shoot more loh haih the green 4 engines so hard guess. :sweat:
  19. Twin otter recently active leh. Today spotted MDK Malaysia Airlines 9M-MDK by YongJK, on Flickr Transmile Air Service 9M-PMZ by YongJK, on Flickr Royal Brunei Airlines V8-BLF by YongJK, on Flickr Royal Brunei AIrlines V8-BLF by YongJK, on Flickr
  20. LOL 1Dunia. nice btw, where is Lee ? Yesterday I just met him hehe
  21. You really tried hard. Mine rejected 10 times. Thanks It is kinda clean, very reflective hehe
  22. dont want A.net they are super strict for newbie like me. especially photographer first time sending result, I don't want anymore other than A.net , any other easier ?
  23. I never see a pink aircraft, and the Delta is superb !
  24. For today , ETA 1100, and Monday ETA 1855 no more after these. perhaps school holiday. and this RR engine very silent, unlike MAS PW Dragonair B-HLC by YongJK, on Flickr Dragonair B-HLC by YongJK, on Flickr and my arm got sun burned spot from 10.40am till 1pm like that .... .... .... my arms
  25. Kota Kinabalu INTL Airport, small. no need run so far :w
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