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  1. Perdana 1, 2 or DiRaja can be assigned to any RMAF a/craft (VVIP helicopters / aeroplanes & also A319 9M-NAA - the only non RMAF) whenever these VVIP onboard..... PUTRA is a 'training callsign' for all RMAF No 2 Squadron regardless of any a/craft...BBJ, F28, DA90, Global etc. PUTRA 1 is when the Commanding Officer (C.O) is flying the a/craft as an A/craft Captain (aircraft commander), 2 when Executive Officer (EXO) is flying & so on...
  2. ha ha..9M-NAA always in the dark side since day one.1Mesia....he, he
  3. 9M-NAA....civilian registered a/c, flown by civilian pilots. but using RMF c/sign (only designated for RMAF)....may be a tactic to get entry clearance easier
  4. in that case...must be CN doing Maritime Patrol mission due to shortage of 16 sqn's Beechcraft
  5. who..? awan inspirasi ? what a name...
  6. yes..but KENCANA is OPS callsign for B200T maritime patrol a/c. Their Training c/s is SINTAR.. DIRAJA 01 whenever King onboard..02 for Queen PERDANA 01 for PM & 02 for DPM. whenever the sultan onboard will using the state's name...e.g JOHOR 01, PAHANG 01 etc PUTRA is the only TRAINING c/s assigned to no 2 squadron fleet...nothing to do with King's Prince.
  7. beg to differs..ANGKASA xxx is for "Operational Tasking/ Mission" assigned to any transport aircrft, be it helicopter / fixed wng. They'll use ANGKASA for RT within M'sia but normally if crossing intrnational boundaries, RMF...romeo mike foxtrot . For VVIP/VIP it'll become DIRAJA XX / PERDANA xx or so on depends who is onboard. For the MEGA, AMAN, GADING, RIMAU, SINTAR, BADAK, CEKAL,PUTRA and whatsoever...it is solely to differentiate that it is a "TRAINING FLIGHT" callsign assigned to each squadron for pilots to carry out their Monthly Continuity Training, Base CX, Route Training etc.... sort like a 'Non Revenue' flight if referring to civil world. .....nothing secret, we're sharing the same sky
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