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  1. Guess it all about being competitive.. Raising KLIA2 psc will not just weaken Air Asia's competitiveness but also our competitiveness as a whole. For international travellers, Malaysia is not that attractive a destination apart from being cheap.. So if we raise airport fee simply because we are still relatively cheap, we are chipping away at our competitiveness to our regional competitors..
  2. If Tony Fernandes were to get his Labu, we would not have to pay airport tax now.. Just to have walk through shopping complex to reach your plane..
  3. Though I feel the fare difference between KLIA and KLIA2 is too wide, there should still be a difference between the two. Otherwise, it really defeat the purpose of KLIA2. Don't know what the government is thinking..
  4. Haven't been to Penang for quite awhile but the last time I was there it was about to be upgraded. If the airport can still cater to needs for years to come, good to just keep it and create better connection to Kedah and other northern states (e.g rail). Does not make sense to have so many international airports so close to each other..
  5. The Sulu Sultanate does not exist anymore. No countries in the world recognize them. Too many claimants. Malaysia is still kind enough to continue give their descendants "cessation money". If it were rent, the leasor would still have some power like ending the contract, increase the rent or have some degree of autonomy over the state, but no, Malaysia has full autonomy of Sabah. So this Sabah Sulu issue is entirely different from South China Sea issue altogether. This I agree. Life is not black and white.. Somethings they do are good.. Some bad.. China has lots of money and we should welcome appropriate investments.. Though personally, I would like to see Japanese HSR plying KL Singapore.
  6. In this instance, I am happy Uncle Sam and gang are playing international police. Otherwise, South East Asia countries will be bullied by China even more. The South China Sea was rather peaceful until this large scaled land reclamation by China and warnings to others who come close.. Their coast guards even sailed all the way to the proximity of Sarawak. Melampau! Like "bad behaviours" of Chinese tourists, this is bad behaviour of Chinese government. China uses this to stir up nationalistic sentiments. Good for them. Bad for us. BTW, Malaysia is not paying any rent to Filipino gov but just "cessation" money to some who claimed to be descendants of Sulu Sultanate. I think we should stop paying altogether but it's another topic.
  7. Sabah as part of Malaysia is recognised widely by international communities. South China Sea as part of China? Well... No one recognised this. The two issues are worlds apart. China only starts reclaming lands and making noises in last couple of years now that they are stronger. Even the map on their passport was only changed to include the South China Sea few years ago. They are just being a bully cause South East Asia countries cannot fight back and rely on China for trade.
  8. China is just being too excessive with their claims and large scaled land reclamation. Just look at how much they are claiming.. China at the top with the vast sea protruding all the way down to the seashore of South East Asia countries including ours.. Much of the area they claim is no where near mainland China. Countries' territory change with time. Modern history does not recognize China's claim. No other country does. If they want to stake their claim, they will have to fight for it and expect resistance. I understand Philippine already brought this matter to international court. They can fight for it in the court. I am happy with Freedom of Navigation operations. Imagine needing to ask China for permission just to pass by South China Sea.
  9. For a little country, we sure have plenty of airlines.. Don't you think the market is a bit saturated?
  10. In langkawi now, saw a large happy group of Chinese tourists tourists. Unfortunately a trail of rubbish also followed them.
  11. Agree. a lot of wasted opportunities. Firefly jet could have been successful by now
  12. ok. a bit harsh. It was supposed to be an investment arm like Tamasek in Singapore.. but I haven't much result. Nothing impressive come out from them. furthermore, they seem to dictate how MAS should be run, but when everything goes pear shaped, they are not accountable..
  13. Sad to see still much gov interference in the running of MAS, from routes to cut to number of staff to be axed. At the end of the day, the gov, in particular Khazanah holds no responsibility when MAS going downhill. I think if MAS staff has to be axed, then those working in Khazanah should be axed also. Afterall, Khazanah brings no good to the country.
  14. Guess they have to do what they have to do. The seats arrangement in B738 is just too tight, yet they use it for regional flights. It was a mistake they made from the very start.
  15. That is one very dirty plane.. Is it really that expensive to have it cleaned? It reflects poorly on the airline. Hope the new ceo will have better senses.
  16. Thought their a380 flights were popular. I think getting rid of a380 is a bad idea. It's like getting rid of their flagship. It will demoralise whoever left in mas. Unless the management has a better gameplan. At the moment whatever they do just does not instil confidence. Very shortly we will have some idea how good their new ceo is.
  17. Most people wouldn't know airline code. It's something they don't bother about. They know Malaysia Airlines as Malaysia Airlines. Changing airline code is unnecessary. Might be better to change the slogan Malaysian hospitality to something else and campaign from there.
  18. Even if we disregard the fact it's an airport for lcc, klia2 is in many ways an impressive airport. Malaysians complain too much. And yes, their service charge should be higher. It's unfair to airlines and passengers using klia
  19. What Dr M actually said... https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=800575963347549
  20. Usually when a woman files a sexual harassment complaint against a man.. The man is guilty until proven otherwise..
  21. Cutting routes here and there, in the end, there will be hardly anywhere to fly and poor connectivity. Naturally will be poor choice for customers.
  22. It's free speech.. It was personal opinion of Mat Sabu and Ibrahim Ali..They are also entitled to speak their mind.. For me it's not an issue.. Though they do have a point, just like we don't serve beef to Hindus and whales to Australians..
  23. Yea, apparently they blamed dodgy Malaysia maintenance, which did not have much basis at all.. Anyway, on subject of QF and that they had been avoiding the Ukraine airspace for months, this is misleading also, much like our neighbour Singapore Airlines. Qantas Airways had not flown over the eastern Ukraine since it shifted its European hub to Dubai last year but it continued to fly over Crimea and the southern Ukraine until April, airline sources said. The Malaysia Airlines operations director, Captain Izham Ismail, on Saturday questioned Qantas’s assertion that it had changed flight paths to avoid the area where MH17 was shot down, because he said the Australian carrier had not been flying in the area. A Qantas A380 pilot said he had been flying from Dubai to London over Crimea until the trouble started in the area and then had diverted to avoid the airspace altogether on the suggestion of the airline’s security section. “From Turkey, we track over Bulgaria then Romania, thus giving the area a wide berth,” he said. The pilot said flights from Singapore to London, which were abandoned when the European hub was switched to Dubai last year, had flown over eastern Ukraine. Another source said Qantas had three flight paths from Dubai to London over the Black Sea until April, two of which were over Crimea and one over southern Ukraine. All three were abandoned due to the political turmoil in the region. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/aviation/qantas-explanation-of-ukraine-flight-paths-questioned-20140720-zuzbe.html#ixzz38BfdQzKe
  24. RUSSIA has provided an explosive alternative explanation of how Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 went down. Speaking to the media, a high-ranking Russian military official implied that a Ukrainian fighter jet could be responsible for the disaster, not pro-Russian separatists. The US claims its intelligence shows a ground-to-air missile launched from territory held by pro-Russian rebels brought the plane down on Thursday. But Lieutenant-General Andrei Kartopolov said Russian flight records showed a Ukrainian military jet was flying just a few kilometres away from the Malaysia Airlines flight at the time it went down, The Independent reports. The military aircraft, a SU-25, flew within three to five kilometres of the Boeing 777, according to Lt-Gen Kartopolov, and he went on to imply that it shot MH17 down. He said SU-25s “can briefly climb up to 10,000m (and are) regularly equipped with air-to-air missiles R-60 that can capture and destroy targets of a distance up to 12km and up to 5km as guaranteed”. Lt-Gen Kartopolov said the Russian Defence Ministry wanted to know “why the military jet was flying along (the same civil aviation lines) at almost the same time and at the same level as a passenger plane”. He denied allegations that Russia had provided the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine with Buk missile launchers. He said Russia had evidence that Ukraine had stationed self-propelled, anti-aircraft Buk missile launchers near the rebel-held territory. The military officials displayed slides, charts and images to illustrate their claims at the special air force briefing in Moscow. Russia also called on the US to publish for public scrutiny the intelligence it had that showed the rebels were behind the attack. The Ukraine Government, meanwhile, said it had photo and video evidence of how a Russian anti-aircraft missile system was moved across the territory controlled by Russian-backed militants. Two hundred and ninety-eight people perished in when MH17 was brought down on Thursday. http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/ukrainian-military-jet-was-flying-near-mh17-when-it-was-shot-down-russia/story-fnizu68q-1226997531113
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