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  1. No there wouldn't. The way I read Azran's quote is he's not happy that so many were unhappy rather than 'tough luck' to the 700,000 who missed out. That 700,000 figure is clearly a number plucked out of the air to demonstrate this rather than a seat count, he's not stupid!
  2. Aggghhh Many thanks for such a quick reply Cheng
  3. Hi Guys, I'm flying Per>Kul this Monday and as it's a night flight, i'm traveling business class in the hope of getting a decent sleep. Does anyone know if they are the pods seat similar to the 777 biz class or are they old style? Cheers, Kieron
  4. Is there any way to find out what route they are on Liam? I'm flying Per-Kul tomorrow (Feb 10) in economy and returning on the 17th in premium.
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