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  1. Fuuuuh cun. dah lama tak masuk sni. hehehe
  2. Rwy 15 + TG T7W = WIDE ANGLE
  3. I think that it, came out from the same firm that design new MAHB HQ. here the rendering.
  4. Time to be a commando. sniping from oil palm plantation. takut woooooh~!!!!
  5. tunggu la sat. tengah process nie. byk sngat barang.
  6. old system. D90 + Cap Kambing Lens. saja.
  7. will be in Langkawi from 28 Nov. to 6 Dec. see you guyz there.
  8. Fox Juliet new livery. nice gila. I LIKE~!!!
  9. WooooW Nice catch. Walter.
  10. itu photobucket cilaka. dia resize aku punya gamba. mau besar kena bayar. cilaka punya baldi gamba. maafkan saya for terrible post processing. i am using another person pc. pinjam orang memang tak best.
  11. was in Subang AFB last saturday. Happy to see some familiar face. after a long time missing. It was massive traffic jammed toward the AFB. but with the power of Sith Speeder. i take me 10 minute to get away from it by riding on the wrong way.
  12. see the quality. even for the first timer. ahahahahahahaha
  13. Nice. for Spotting tak ajak. Errrmm.. tudiaaa dust. hang jiruih ayaq hilang koit. hahahaha.
  14. Damn.... WoooW WoooW :blink: HohohohohoHo. can smell the Jet fuel. fuuuuuhh syioook~!!!!
  15. Perggghhhh.. Quality Shot.
  16. Blue Skies OooooHHH~!!! Jealoouusss~!!! Superb Quality. Best Best.
  17. Damn Damn. aku manyak jealous Nice Spot Norman. airside spotting cool woooh
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