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  1. VT-AXA, VT-AXB, VT-AXC having c check and end of lease at MAS subang.. VT-AXC still in hangar 1 MAS subang..
  2. all airline can fly to/from szb provided they use turboprop a/c.
  3. 9m-mmb having a heavy maintenance visit (HMV). all new paint
  4. 'loacker wafer' damm nice. it among the best wafer i ever had
  5. as far as i know, MAS (parent company) delay to buy ATR for firefly because economy now not good as thay are alredy in RED FOR 1st quater. any that slot was given to MASwing
  6. A320 cannot land on some airport because short runaway. example bandung airport. they still need to use 737-300.
  7. correct term " ...fire in a lavatory"
  8. my opinion, MH also need to cancel the A380 deal but change to A350 or new A330.
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