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  1. Live TV antenna Naked VH-VBN is ready for demo flight
  2. Firefly jet will 9M-FFC will having some maint and repainting + reconfig to MH fleet configuration. It will start on 12/10 and will follow by other remaining FY 737ng bird. R.I.P FY jet...
  3. MASEU ialah kesatuan. Engineer mostly under AMALAE. Under MASEU there is AMALAE, MESA, MATA...etc....so all under MASEU
  4. Hoover test at 200ft suddently engine kaput.....all safe Szb airport closed right now..
  5. yes it already at szb since yesterday..
  6. this bird will coming to szb for maint on monday 1-Thai Airways B737 2- kingfisher A320
  7. when the next GE goes to PR, then it will give big trouble to D7
  8. sun country ker wong? my ELT bracket how wong?
  9. Virgin Blue B737-800 (VH-VOA) will become sun country airline.
  10. most aircraft come to szb for maintenance only
  11. this bird now at MAS engg SZB know as N731VA (vision air) owned by "the mines" tycoon. very nice cabin with Full leather v.i.p lavatory.
  12. that fireflyz B738 tomorrow it seviceable date and 9M-MLB will coming
  13. Mr TF should say 'we dont need aircond, ceiling fan is enough for the KLIA2 terminal...
  14. not yet... just finish painting..target serviceable on 21/12/2010 next is 9m-mlb
  15. 9m-mla painting in progress... orange tail
  16. fireflyz first b737-800 is 9M-MLA. today it come to szb for maint check and repainting
  17. last time when their boeing 737 having a problem, they blame MAS for bad maintenance for their aircraft.now when A380 and B747 having a problem, who going to take a blame??
  18. 2 RBA is end of lease. one already inside hangar for maintenance and paint stripping.
  19. today 2 royal Brunei boeing 767 arrive at SZB for maintenance. next week 2 Brussels air A330 and A319, 1 air Mauritius A330 will coming to szb for maintenance.
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