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  1. Great time spotting with you ....
  2. Hi, I wonder anyone plan for KLIA plane spotting. I newly in this hobby and still learning how to snap good plane photo. Do let me know if anyone plan for this event. Thank you. Regards, Wilson
  3. I have own experience where fly to Singapore. A lady was sitting on my seat with correct seat number. Next thing, i was asking for her boarding pass and compare with mine. I found out that the lady suppose take flight next day with same flight Number and time. I was wonder how staff checking on boarding pass. Perharps, they may check on Flight Number instead of departure date.
  4. I totally agreed with this approches of online chat. I been using this service in Singapore for product support and efficient.
  5. My last visit was LIMA 2001, i'm planing for LIMA 2011.
  6. hahaha ... another clone version by china ...
  7. Me too ... Singapore Airshow ... I COMING !!! Anyone know what aircraft will perform flying at time between 3pm to 3.30pm on SATURDAY ?
  8. Good deal !!! The model already cost RM 100 + ....
  9. Hope MAS order at least 1 A380 ... then have chance to take this flight ...
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