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  1. RYA actually arrived almost mid-day around 11.00 am when I had that shot. Cebu Pacific..no..really??, can't find it KCH wiki. Anyway would be good addition to HX end of April. BTW is anyone out catching AK Prince Lubricant livery?
  2. An unexpected catch this morning..and drizzling, RMAF band of brothers, C130H M30-04 from 14 Skn Labuan and C130H-MP M30-09 from 20 Skn Subang, just 20 min apart from each other. Wonder what were they doing here.. TUDM M30-04 TUDM M30-09
  3. Unreliable source, but I would not be surprise though http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/03/21/liow-suspension-of-rayani-air-possible/
  4. Wow Prestley my friend, this is epic, and the fact that you have both PR and PS made it beyond myth. Great write-up, thank you for sharing. Lets just hope that one day soon, although unlikely, that PP (Putrajaya) would visit or even frequent KCH. Btw, is RN scrapping KCH route?
  5. Hey Prestley, you are really good in catching those colorful AK birds. Perhaps we could get together spotting sometimes, would love to learn your tricks. And that little dude, my search reveals it belongs to Layang-Layang Aerospace S/B based at MYY and BKI.Their website http://www.layangaero.com/
  6. Lovely shots of the bird. Wonder how it will look like in MH color next..
  7. Light crosswind approach on runway 25 9M-AJV from a different angle, never expect the rear end could look so nice though
  8. 9M-MRM and 9M-MRL Left in the sun, so what is the future like for these two beautiful birds?
  9. No, not Bayu Indonesia. This is 100% Malaysia boleh airline using B777 and probably concentrating on long haul to the Middle East and Europe. Well, like they say the more the merrier.
  10. Well, as it stand AK's are the most frequent that we have at KCH. We need great mental strength and endeavour if we ever want to catch the other, even FR24 is not reliable. As always, great catch Mr. Prestley.
  11. I knew it, it had to be you Mr. Prestley. What ISO are you on btw? Nice catch though. Keep them coming
  12. https://www.flickr.com/photos/80384296@N05/8177565004/in/datetaken/ ..one wonderful aerial view of Sarikei airport (TGC/WBGT) for an HX passenger enroute to KCH in April. No, this was taken in MH enroute from BKI to KCH...
  13. Wow..I cannot imagine how it feels to under that giant doing the flyby, did the earth shake under your feet Prestley?
  14. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Hong-Kong-Airlines/Airbus-A320-214/2758696/&sid=578a98fc38c22d0683a1f1df4e6a3675 ..well, not the most beautiful but nice to have more colors coming to KCH
  15. Yes, most new routes for MH under the previous management didn't work but this is not MH. I am sure being a local airline from China, they have a better flight/business plan for this route. That is why they should not code share with MH..
  16. At least one good news for Kuching in 2016 after the suspension of Kuching-Pontianak (PNK) route at the end of January 2016. Lets just hope that HX will not code share with MH as we would want HX to touch down at KCH in their own colour. http://www.theborneopost.com/2016/01/21/kuching-airlines-first-in-malaysia/
  17. Great news for Kuching http://www.theborneopost.com/2016/01/21/kuching-airlines-first-in-malaysia/ Lets just hope that they will not code share with MH. We want to see many airlines in their own colour touching down here. Good for spotters.
  18. Nice catch Prestly. I wish I had the chance to catch them both like this but everytime passing by its just empty tarmac. Btw any suggestion on some good spotting location around KIA?
  19. Mueller ditching the kebaya? Not going to happen, he won't be allowed to go that far. The tradition will stay for a long time..
  20. Anyone can suggest the best spot and time to catch these birds near KIA?
  21. Code sharing with other airline is normal, but MH with FY?? Use to fly FY on KCH-KUL route before they ceased in 2011, now they are back in KCH but don't expect the brilliant orange and white B738 on the tarmac. Great move by OD if they can move back to KLIA.
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