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  1. Like the captain, salute for the pictures and effort, thank you for sharing Prestley. Wow.. you are everywhere, how did you manage unlimited access to KIA?
  2. Nice retro livery of PIA, thank you for sharing guys.
  3. taken from my not so smart phone pardon the quality, my recent bus from SBW to KCH flight AK6461..not sure the equipment rego 9M-??? a nose shot with ground crews preparing the pushback 100% full load..
  4. Without any known reasons for the the pullout, it is easy to put wild accusation on the ministry's concerned. But yeah you are probably correct about the lack of attractions in Kuching and its surrounding area. I see it lack of promotions, poor marketing strategies, and worse is the poor infrastructure especially connections to our natural attraction sites like Mulu, Niah, Logan Bunut and the rest of our eco attractions. As mentioned by a mainland Chinese tourist I met recently he was more interested to experience the world's largest natural underground chamber and glowing blue waves than urban attractions only to be hampered by connectivity issues. You can do all the marketing you want but if you can't bring them there, it is useless. Forget MAB, we know they don't give a damn about cooperating with us. Best suggestion is perhaps for Hornbill Skyways to see MAVCOM for an ASL, grab a few B789's or A359's, enter into code share with Chinese and middle eastern carriers, than only we will be visible in the map.
  5. So this is where you guys have been hanging out at..that is quite exclusive with 3 levels Thank you for sharing the video Prestley..those lucky dudes in the cockpit.
  6. Supposed to arrive at 19:20 but delayed to 19:40 according to FR24. Too dark for pictures, unless we have access to the apron to take static pictures. Thanks for the info bro
  7. MAB to introduce direct PEN - KCH - PEN flight 4x weekly starting 18 Nov 2016. Brilliant, and lets hope this continues on beyond the seasonal flight if they are really serious in helping the state's tourism industry. Wonder if AirAsia is going to counter this..will be good for those from here to visit LIMA2017
  8. Great shots there Chris! On another news, read in the news yesterday that AirAsia is mulling over having an LCCT in our backyard..humm, another brilliant idea from TF to monopolize the business in the country. Frankly speaking, I am ok with that infact bring it in fast we need more international connections when MAB is slashing even more. Just for fun, where do you guys think the best location for the LCCT should be? I think down the road to Serian should be good. http://www.theborneopost.com/2016/10/07/airasia-mulls-over-having-lcct-in-sarawak/
  9. Wow, those images are getting better by the days Mr. Prestley, especially the close ups and details. New lens? thank you for sharing
  10. Well, some dudes just have all the lucks and Presley is just one very lucky dude great catch!
  11. Love the shots Samuel. Keep them coming. Btw is the KE B777, a scheduled flight or charter?
  12. Yup, and proud of our air force as the only non European operator of the latest tactical lifter albeit not without any issues. According to Malaysian Defence the last of the four aircraft will be delivered by the end of 2017. Read http://www.malaysiandefence.com/rmaf-a400m-in-service-support/
  13. Oh yes, thanks for the info bro. Did a little search and got the new livery picture in here https://www.planespotters.net/photo/703140/9v-taf-tigerair-airbus-a320-232
  14. As promised, a throwback from 2010. A lone tiger from the lion island 9V-TAF, wonder if she is still flying today.
  15. Wow Chris, you are really hardcore brother. The pictures said it all and couldn't agree more with Prestley, your panning memang powerlah, salute!
  16. Intensifying competition from budgets carriers have been blamed for MH loses for the year ended August 31. http://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Malaysia-Airlines-warns-of-2016-loss?page=1
  17. I has been a bit quiet here in KCH/WBGG since Prestley last posted but no worries since I gone through my pictures archive I found some interesting pictures that I was not aware I had them all this while. They were taken sometimes in late 2010 while waiting for my flight to KUL. Aahh, that was 6 years ago. Lets just hope that wide bodies are coming again to KCH. Glad to share, enjoy. 9M MKA just arriving from HKG via BKI A face-off with the giant ..loading. Notice a tail of a tiger? I have the full view of it which I am going to post later.
  18. Brilliant move if there are plenty of machines for it, disaster if only a few machines around.
  19. Awesome.. OD is going to be the first airline to have Split Scimitar Winglet in Malaysia
  20. Hey Mr. Prestley, I see that your panning is getting spot on, congratulation. Awesome images as usual
  21. Haha.. not the lens bro but a lot of practice with your newly bought DSLR, and leave auto setting..surely in no time you will be a pro.
  22. Wow, great catch. Any shots of RMAF birds?
  23. Mine is a Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5 - 6.3 DC AF with optical stabiliser zoom lens mounted on a veteran Nikon D90 body, been using them since 2008. Good enough for a casual photographer like myself. Mr. Prestley, that is an awesome quality for a kit lens, let me guess..Nikon
  24. Thank you for the info Prestley and Christopher. Wow.. that sounds quite a challenge but hey I like challenges. Definitely will do it one of these days. Here are some latest images from this morning, have fun. MI 9V-SLL flight MI372 arrived right on the dot at 09.45 hr from SIN 9M-AHR flight AK5202 arrived earlier than MI from KUL ..and a local resident RMAF M44-06
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