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  1. Wow, and I thought only new airline arriving for the first time on scheduled flight gets the water cannon salute. Nice, what was the load like? Seen from the local newspaper images that miss Aireen was really enthusiastic about it.
  2. Been quite a while since I last spot at KCH, seems to get lots of good traffic recently. Man, look at the size comparison of the three different types of plane, the legend 747 is massive! Thank you for sharing with us Geo, great shots as always.
  3. Seems that both of us are regular flyers from SBW Tarmizi. I'll be flying to KCH on AK6469 12:40 flight on Friday. Perhaps we might bump into each other someday haha.. and thanks for sharing these pictures. Look like 9M-MXX is still there from the tip of its tail.
  4. As always, great catch Prestley. Thank you for sharing. If there is an award for the dirtiest and ugliest airplane in this post it would go to RYA and the cleanest and most beautiful M54-04, why.. because she is just stunning to look at
  5. Unfortunately no, I think it was 9M-AQZ depart SBW to KCH on 21/4/17
  6. Here's an evening shot of the aircraft taken before push back.
  7. It's not that they dumped KUL altogether. By replacing the route with KA equipment (which is 100% owned by Cathay Pacific) they are actually doing smart cost management which in turn will give cost effective operation. KUL in a way does not loose anything as they are still collecting charges from them unless they reduce the number of flights, and airport charges on airlines are not based on the country's status.
  8. Thank you for sharing those great images Prestley. Btw I just realized in the fourth image that I recently posted, some guys are hanging out on the structure next to taxiway, who are they and what were they doing actually?
  9. SIBU: A Malaysia Airlines plane travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Sibu has apparently skidded off the runway at Sibu Airport, according to anxious family members of those on board the plane. Read more here http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/04/08/plane-skids-off-runway-at-sibu-airport/
  10. Almost full house..Kuching International Airport from a different angle, taken during a working visit to Kuching airbase recently. 9M-AJS 9M-AHF 9M-AHD M23-38 .. Soon all these workhorse will be going to the Army Air Corp stable M44-01
  11. Yup, she is indeed a classic beauty. Had the chance to meet this lady in person a few years ago at RAF Waddington (WTN) together with the first civilian blue and yellow jet team during the annual Waddington airshow...hence my avatar haha. As always great shots flee and thanks for sharing.
  12. This is actually a great news. Perhaps AK could plan more direct international flights from KCH to several other destinations to include BPN, SUB, HLP or even DPS and UPG.
  13. Anyone managed to capture some exhilarating moment of the RoKAF BE in action?
  14. ..an early morning arrival on my return flight from KCH, flight MH3690 on 20/3/17. Begin to like flying in this aircraft although it felt a bit flimsy initially especially during take off. Once in the air at cruising speed it was steady as a rock even when entering some heavy storm clouds over Tanjung Manis. Am sure I will be flying in this aircraft frequently in the future.
  15. 'China Express Airline will make Kuching as its South East Asia hub; Beijing Glory shall manage two SEDC hotels – Damai Puri and Grand Margherita – in Kuching; there will be increasing connectivity for Chinese, Korean and Japanese tourism markets; Beijing Glory will take over management of some tourism destinations such as Bako and Mulu National Park; there will be rebranding of SEDC’s Sarawak Plaza' ..an extraction from a local newspaper. For full report check out http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/03/21/abang-johari-makes-first-visit-to-china-as-cm/
  16. Great pictures especially of the terminal. Btw at the far end, CZ and MF are they both on scheduled flights?
  17. Great pictures from KCH with its distinguish grey overcast sky, btw how many AK equipment are based in KCH currently?
  18. Great images there Mr. Prestley, thank you for sharing.
  19. The only foreign airline on scheduled flights to KCH that is persevering, soon enough she might also be gone
  20. That is one neat post processing. Great comparison, although them jumbo's look identical their components are actually not the same, and it is not a matter of just shortening the fuselage.
  21. I don't travel a lot but hey who won't participate, here's the list of airport I've been to... Malaysia KCH SBW MYY BKI KUL TGG LGK JHB SZB Rest of the world HKG TNN NRT CIA MXP DBV AMS FRA BRU LHR LGW EDI EMA BHX hehe..forgot to include WTN
  22. I guess all runways are uses concurrently except the number of landings and takeoffs are not yet to the max capacity. Understand that R32L is mostly for incoming and R32R for departure, and R33R and R15L mostly AK, D7 and other LCC's. The plan is to probably add a 4th one according to 2056 master plan.
  23. Wow.. who was that being towed? Great shots, thank you for sharing.
  24. Probably they prefer to fly in MH/OD/D7 to Malaysia instead of their own. I don't think it is a problem to KUL.
  25. KUCHING: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) group managing director Peter Bellew has apologised to its disabled passenger Peter Tan for not accommodating his special requests and misplacing his customised wheelchair, among other things. For further reading see here: http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/02/07/mas-issues-apology-to-disabled-passenger/ and here: http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/02/05/open-letter-to-the-ceo-of-malaysia-airlines/
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