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  1. Ahh.. glad to be back spotting at KCH/WBGG Lighting was a bit high though. Here are some of few last shots for 2017. raya_1 by Al Firdausi, on Flickr raya_2 by Al Firdausi, on Flickr raya_3 by Al Firdausi, on Flickr
  2. Thank you for sharing Tamizi. Just wish MH will include KCH for A350 scheduled flights as well.
  3. Guess now MYY is recognised as International Airport The Xpress Air Indonesia inaugural flight to Miri from Pontianak in Indonesia represents a significant milestone in Sarawak’s tourism calendar and the cooperation between the state and Kalimantan. http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/12/13/twice-weekly-flight-to-boost-tourism-business/
  4. 9M-MAB at FR24 by Al Firdausi, on Flickr My take of 9M-MAB at KCH.. you guys are so lucky.
  5. Based on FR24, MAB took off from BKI at exactly 14:30. Should be arriving at KCH around 15:30.
  6. Brilliant, while MAB/Maswing is slashing more flights in East Malaysia, AK seems to be making good business from evidence of their increasing frequencies in these sectors. And it is just a matter of time when their plan to build a new hub at KIA is realised. The Sarawak government is all for anything that could bring in good opportunities for the country's development. Next move should perhaps be KCH - BPN, KCH - BDJ and KCH - CGK/HLP.
  7. That doesn't look good for MAB does it, seems that the curse of Ryanair is deflected to them. Perhaps the new boss should think of some innovative strategies to keep their pilots and lure in more FO since he was also an operation man. Strategic partnership with more flight schools and financial institution like what Airasia is currently doing could be one way to achieve it. There are so many boys and girls out there who inspired to be pilots but could not afford the training due to the exorbitant training cost.
  8. Please, please come to KCH :clapping:Thank you very guys for sharing the awesome pictures.
  9. Wow, you sure gonna get yourself awfully occupied this week bro Prestley. Looking forward for more of your pictures.
  10. 9M-MXX by Al Firdausi, on Flickr 9M-MXX all patched-up and ready for repaint work. She will be flying again in no time.
  11. Giving the Sarawak gov't stakes in the airline as requested could provide a boost somehow but had been repeatedly declined and now their business seems to be getting really bad. Perhaps the discussion on setting up a LCC terminal at KIA should immediately be concluded so that more AK flights from the new hub to cater more destinations within this region, which include the sectors terminated by Maswings. As a frequent flyer on KCH-SBW sector, a personal observation on AK loads is at average 90% so is Maswings. It is really puzzling that they decided to terminate this sector.
  12. Wow, nice catch Geo. Thank you for sharing. Btw any fighter escort for this HRH flight.
  13. Brilliant, keenly waiting for some of your shots. Btw, will they be arriving in a Speedbird? then it would be the first for KCH.
  14. Anyone had the chance to catch a Scoot inaugural flight into Kch on October 29, 2017? Care to share here. Of all the time, it just had to be at night !
  15. Both of your shots (and Gio's) are great brother. Surely they will remain in the history book for as long as CZ doesn't has a plan to visit KCH again. Thank you for sharing. Btw what is the minimum rotating distance for a A319?
  16. At 16.30, four aircraft were still holding over BKI - MH2616 from KUL, AK6263 from TWU, AK1511D from TWU, OD1014 from KUL. The have been holding for around 20 minutes when finally AK1511D was given the green light to land first, followed by MH, AK and OD. Must be really nerve wrecking for the passengers.
  17. Just awesome images as always Prestley. Although I have seen some of them in your flickr page they never fail to amaze every time. Perhaps you would like to share here some of your other beautiful shots of AK special livery like UPM, GE, 1M, and Airasia Founation. Thank you brother!
  18. This is great. Lets just hope she will do frequent flight to SBW, might have the chance to fly with her.
  19. KUALA LUMPUR: A Hawk 108 fighter jet belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) is feared missing after all contact was lost with it over the Terengganu-Pahang border at 11.30am today. More: http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/06/15/rmaf-hawk-108-fighter-jet-reported-missing-at-terengganu-pahang-border/
  20. Comparatively AK services experience is still way better than both MH and OD in most department albeit its LCC status.
  21. KUCHING: The proposal to construct a Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) here has received support from Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah. He said an LCCT could help to facilitate the growth of the tourism industry in Sarawak. “If a separate LCCT building could expedite and facilitate the growth of tourism industry in Sarawak, of course it would be good to have it. “I do not have any detail on this yet. I need to check. If there is, it should be under the purview of the federal government unless the state government decides to be involved,” he said when contacted yesterday on AirAsia Berhad chief executive officer Aireen Omar’s recent statement that Kuching International Airport (KIA) had almost reached its capacity of five million passengers. http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/06/09/thumbs-up-for-lcct/
  22. Lol, my bad. Thanks for the correction bro.
  23. On a busy day at SBW 9M-AGC taking its load outbound for KUL, beside is 9M-AQQ outbound for KCH, both using the aerobridge. 9M-MMG pushback outbound for MYY
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