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  1. Some of the usual suspects at RWY32L during recent 14 May 2015 "Saturday Morning Festive".
  2. Waiting to be onboard this lovely aircraft of SQ107 on 17 March 2016
  3. On board this lovely "bandits" of SQ107 on 17 March 2016.
  4. Speed bird of G-ZBKF Speedbird of G-ZBKC
  5. Airbus A340-311 of F-WWAI departed KUL for DRW. Experienced of a life time, considered, I was so lucky enough.
  6. B-LNW of Hong Kong Airlines A330-243F
  7. B777-31H(ER) bearing redo A6-EPB
  8. PH-BVO of The Flying Dutchman B777-306(ER)
  9. NAS Air 9M-ACM with her B747-248(M)
  10. China Airlines A340-313 of B-18805
  11. A330-343 of Cathay Pacific B-LAR...taking 'em higher & higher
  12. B777-2D7 (HS-TJH)... A perfect moment for me...
  13. B777-2D7 of Thai Airways HS-TJH on a early rotate
  14. Emirates B777-31H(ER) of A6-EGS...
  15. Emirates B777-36N(ER) A6-EBW preparing for take-off
  16. 9M-MTE of Malaysia Airlines taking the lead for departure....
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