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  1. Great catch KH, Good to see them on images when u told me a few days ago at WOA gathering. Nice classic Jumbos.
  2. Congratulations TK, Hope to hear you often on Sin-Kul-Sin run. Cheers to 4 gold bars achievement and many happy landings. When are you guys holding the party celebration, if my schedule permits, I will love to fly up to KL with maybe Kian Hong ( provided he is not on duty at FCC ) to join you guys. Colin
  3. Yo TK...haha guess what ....limited destination on this "small lady" for the time being. Getting a bit dull. Flying wise....accuracy superb but she cannot take turbulence well, Ecam actions horrible lengthy and tedious Unlike the solid American built heavier counterpart ( you operating and my ex babe ). Nevertheless...it's good fleet for my sectors accumulation. Cannot complain already. haha Hope to pay you guys a visit soon. Anyone in sin keen to head up KL soon day trip spotting? Leech, KC, Tsen Tsan, Kian Hong ?? SherM : Welcome...hope u enjoy the sub standard images. Cheers One more shot on the tarmac in Paya lebar the link below http://www.daylife.com/photo/05nOe2ofG38zg?q=obama
  4. For those so keen on AF1....some other spotters caught it on arrival and departure. Here is the link below: http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=604765 Departure photos on page 3 Enjoy
  5. Roger roger.... Shiok right do Circuits in the L45. Wait till u do T & Gs in the 777 or A333....... tats even more brain freezing !!!
  6. Will do Kian hong, awaits yr Sim photos. I overflew abeam MCY this morning on the Coral 4 Departure out of Brisbane. Superb view from the Capt's side, any of your pals doing circuits this morning at Rockhampton? Think we saw one Lear departing Rocky area while we cruised by at FL360. Cheers
  7. Great photos Kian hong, all the best to the Advance jet training phase. You'll love it !!! I missed it alot. Hope to have the chance to fly u back to Sin on the A333. Cheers and keep the photos coming dude especially some from the Lear Sim if u can manage to snap shot a few. Happy landings
  8. Hello Andrew, It's been long since we met up at Changi fence area plus of cos I will miss the slides night organised by you and KC many years back. All the very best in your new posting in the US. And looking forward to view your new shots captured in US on NA section. Cheers, Colin
  9. Wow..nice TK. I am still wondering when will I ever set foot and operate on B777. The main workhorse fleet of most Airlines in the 21st century. Sigh !!!
  10. DB beautiful shots !!! I love the SQ 9V-SPG most. Reminds me well of Sarong Party Gals....not really but this plane is the first in-flight diversion that I had operated on during training. s#1t happens sometimes. I will always remember this Jumbo and my experience on it indeed.
  11. Wow Raymond, excellent shots. You even managed to capture the Airshow location and taxiway leading to Rwy 20L. Beautiful !!! Thanks for sharing Colin Wow lao !!! Leech....So super long your new lens, a real Giant !! That's where your big bonus went to izzit ?? hee hee hee.
  12. Wow KianHong, Nice Mustang shots. !!! I am still trying my luck at getting to travel/jumpseat in one soon if the trip with my friend to Witchita for the deliver flt back to Seletar works out as plan. Gonna take annual leave to join him for the flying holiday trip back on the delivery flight. Hoping the plan materialise and will definitely take lots and lots of shots if it's a GO. Meanwhile I salivate at all your mustang shots ....why didn't SFC consider changing to this while I was training there !!!
  13. I wonder where the heck will they plan to build Terminal 4. Maybe costal road has to go more far east, build the 4th terminal over present costal road and use underground skytrain to transport pax to T2 clear immigration. 2 cents idea perhaps.
  14. Thanks Kianhong, Lovely pics of SQM. I miss the blue colour tone though. Perhaps a very distinct different from SQ livery this time round with a callsign for every sortie. Great job SFC. NOW !! I must get a new Learjet 45 model in that new livery !!!! Hurray !! Safe flying training, Kianhong and pls help me say hi to David Higgins and Capt Bill Ward. Enjoyed my flights with Capt Ward tremendously especially the night when we came in for a landing accompanied with TS Wx. Cheers
  15. Wow Azahan....thats a nice name to call this plane. So far the worst name I have heard is what ?? Haha...Super Gigantic Vibrator !!! Is the plane so bad looking, I was thinking ?? Cheers What some rumours I heard before, Airbus claimed no need reversers at all for this plane actually. The brakes are that good !! I also believe so since approach speed can be as low as 130kts or lower depending on actual landing weight. It's a fantastic airplane !!!
  16. Great catch there Kian Hong. Is the owner offering any discounted joyflight for SFC cadets or general public? You could have asked them for any offer to fly as pax on this classic DC-3 even for a short flight over Perth sightseeing. Give us a shout if they are offering. We book the next avail flight over to Perth. Heee Heee.
  17. Leech: Time to get the D300 liao lah, just got yr bonus right? ...U seen Capt Eddie's shots ?? Power pack !! Sell me your D200 cheap cheap lah !! Heee Heee. Colin
  18. [quote This one is dedicated to you know who of this forum. PAPA AZAHAN. Lovely. Same like previous shot. Almost no cropping required. Narita bound as SQ12. Plenty of 'Kawaii' Japanese stewardesses on board. Colin, is it you ah? Five Gold Bar Captain Azahan rotating this Papa Azahan. No leh....Leech I wish I can go eat Jipun Sushi !!! Long time never kanna roster for Tokyo-LA. Been doing all the hard work to go Europe in this winter. Siong man !! Deicing procedure too !!
  19. TK: My Jaw drop !!! Simply Stunning pics. Those planes looked like remote controlled jetliners on a model runway. See u at the Airshow if u are coming to Sin. Cheers
  20. Michael Stapleton is the Ah Gong of SFC Jandakot. Must respect him hor !!! Flew with him on my Phase 4 Baron checkride. Was a memorable fun flight instead of stress. Taught me lots of things than my own flying instructor. Kian Hong: Please send my best regards to Mr MS and MR David Higgins. Without them, I will not be in my position today. ( tell Higgins, I am waiting for him to come over to Cargo fleet ). Take care...Leech when is your next Perth flight, I tag along pax on personal holiday. We can rent a car and go visit Jandakot. Cheers
  21. Hello Kianhong, Great job in making to Jandakot. Like TK mentioned. Still a long way to go. Work hard n play hard there...always baring in mind the view of you in the right hand seat of 777 or A330 very soon. ( Sorry...they are no longer taking in cadets for 744, confirmed by CP ). Also flying in jandakot requires 100% or more concentration for situation awareness due to heavy traffic and rookie GA pilots. Watch out for these Gungho pilots when they fly circuits. All the best and hope to catch up with you in Perth when I go over for holiday. Cheers
  22. Liam, haha.. I will. Going to Hobbyco for some models hunting after I arrive. My bird is still nicer ?? hee hee... U refering to B744 Jumbo correct ? If u spotting on sat, look out for flight 231 arrival.
  23. Thanks for sharing Liam, Excellent shots taken in SYD. Kinda miss the clear skies there. I am operating to SYD tomorrow night and travelling home on the A380 on sunday. Will share my shots on board the A380 then. Stay tune guys !! Cheers
  24. Simply Stunning, thanks for sharing the photos. Enjoyed listening to the R/T too. Cheers. Colin
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