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  1. Now it's B's turn. IranFrontPage: #Iran eyes buying over 100 Boeing jets https://t.co/GtZLnqBJZ1 @Boeing
  2. Wow, the Iranians not wasting time! winglets747: On sidelines of #CAPAsummit Iran announces provisional order for 8 A380s https://t.co/R6jMX4HHZw
  3. IATA has suspended the idea. http://www.iata.org/pressroom/pr/Pages/2015-06-17-01.aspx
  4. CK, you can play around with this engine, used by Google Flights & others. Good info on routings and costs. http://matrix.itasoftware.com/ Seems Canyonland has no scheduled flights, so not possible to find itineraries from there.
  5. Alerted by these FR24 tweets. RT @flightradar24: Singapore Airlines #‎SQ836 lost power on both engines & lost 13,000 feet before power returned. RT @flightradar24: Between 12.46 and 13.11 UTC no ADS-B data was picked up from flight #SQ836, probably because of the power blackout. Ah, it must have been this one: http://avherald.com/h?article=486d5637&opt=0
  6. Can download preliminary report here: http://9m-igb.mot.gov.my/ ===
  7. ETIHAD-EMIRATES NEAR-MISS: CONTROLLERS LEFT POSTS FOR BREAKFAST By Aditya Anand, Mumbai Mirror | Apr 4, 2015, 01.05 AM IST An internal probe into the March 29 near-miss between an Emirates flight and an Etihad jet in Mumbai airspace has found four air traffic controllers at fault and revealed that a critical surveillance system, which showed the two aircraft flying towards each other, was left unmanned. A series of missteps by the controllers effectively stacked the two aircraft in such a manner that they were aligned on a collision course, the inquiry has revealed. Only one of the controllers has been taken off his roster. The other three remain on duty. "The first ATC gave the Emirates flight a direct routing - allowing the flight a shortcut - as requested by the pilot. This officer then left for breakfast without changing the flight level and updating the system. The second controller who took over also went for breakfast. The third controller who took charge did not know about the direct routing allowed for Emirates, and permitted the Etihad flight to take the same shortcut, putting the two planes on a collision course," a senior officer in the ministry of civil aviation told Mumbai Mirror. The fourth controller was meant to monitor the Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) system, which parses data from the airplane's on-board navigation and global positioning systems data, assisting controllers in determining the aircraft's spatial and temporal location. This ATC left his station unattended, causing the error committed by his three colleagues to go unnoticed. .... http://www.mumbaimirror.com/mumbai/others/Etihad-Emirates-near-miss-controllers-left-posts-for-breakfast/articleshow/46800450.cms
  8. RT @STForeignDesk: #Semenyih helicopter tragedy: Black box to be sent to #UK for analysis http://t.co/c3jkGD324t
  9. @themmailonline: Founder Robert Tan not in deadly helicopter crash, IGB confirms http://t.co/wU2yFFCYaz
  10. http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/04/04/CHOPPER-JAMARLUDDIN-JARJIS-ON-BAORD/ PETALING JAYA: Rompin MP Datuk Seri Jamaluddin Jarjis was among the VIPs on board the helicopter that crashed in Semenyih, Kajang on Saturday. The other VIPs were businessman Datuk Robert Tan and Private Secretary General in Prime Minister's Office, Datuk Seri Azlim Alias. The three others on board the helicopter were Capt Cliff Fournier, owner of Chempaka Aviation, Ajdiana Baiziera and bodyguard, identified as Raskan. Police have confirmed that all six on board are dead.
  11. LATEST: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/04/04/CHOPPER-crash-six-people-on-board/ PETALING JAYA: At least six people, including several VIPs, are reported to be on board a helicopter that crashed in Semenyih, Kajang on Saturday. A Civil Aviation Department official said three bodies were found at the crash site at Sg Lalang Semenyih. The privately-owned chopper was enroute from Kuantan to Subang when it crashed. Earlier report: PETALING JAYA: A civilian helicopter crashed in Semenyih, Kajang on Saturday. It is learnt that two burnt bodies have been recovered at the crash site in Jalan Sg Lalang and Kg Pasir Baru. It is learnt that a distress call was received by the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department at about 5pm and over 20 firemen have been deployed to assist in the search. Department of Civil Aviation director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the number of people on board has yet to be ascertained. === I hear ex-Minister Jamaluddin Jarjis is one of them. === 9M-IGB ?
  12. Suzanne,the guy thought AA was AirAsia, like your story. So double ignorance there, AirAsia flying to America? SV, Suzanne's story was too good to pass.
  13. Hahaha, we went to South America recently with AA, and a smart alec snidely remarked, I thought you would never fly LCC to America. Die laughing one!
  14. RT @flightradar24: Flight: Z2272 Aircraft: RP-C8972 http://t.co/mvBGMeueew Itu branding sudah koyak.
  15. Two Ryanair Planes Collide at London Stansted, Ripping Off Wing Tip http://skygrid.me/1nUx6dw
  16. RT @NBCNews: Female passenger killed, three flight attendants injured when gunmen fire at passenger jet in Pakistan http://nbcnews.to/1nCLxUG RT @TahirImran: The aircraft was hit by a number of bullets, penetrating the fuselage belly at the right hand side & entering cabin. http://avherald.com/h?article=476566da&opt=0 ===
  17. There's a Buenos Aires (BAI) in Costa Rica too, so make sure you mean EZE.
  18. If not because of the Inmarsat data, our RMAF radar fiasco would have been swept under the carpet.
  19. Watch this show, aired last night in the UK. It explains Inmarsat's sorcery, with the hotspot at 28 degrees South along the Indian Ocean arc. It also reveals that Inmarsat data led to the exposure of RMAF radar non-action in this debacle -- the White House took the lead to prod the Malaysian govt to act on Inmarsat's information. ===
  20. BBC Horizon: Where is Flight MH370? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpfYvGWt8qo
  21. Gone up to $5mil already? RT @sumishanaidu: Families' "Reward MH370"campaign to raise $5,000,000 for reward,private investigation services to follow up on #MH370 leads @ChannelNewsAsia
  22. Crowdsourcing for US$3mil: http://news.malaysia.msn.com/tmi/families-to-crowdsource-detectives-whistle-blowers-for-mh370-answers
  23. OK, so the TUDM boys saw the F22s and decided they were non-hostile.
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